18 October 2012

Friday Frock

My gorgeous friend Dennis gave me this frock the other day.

On him it was a skirt but I'm such a short arse it's a dress, as you can 
see-through-my-see-through top!
This is me dancing the flamenco on this dull grey morning.
In my immaculate kitchen.
Breakfast and lunch-making remnants are on the bench.
Kids are everywhere, incl behind the camera!

My shirt has Arlo's breakfast all over it.

This skirt is a backwards mullet - business at the back, party at the front.

Fiesta. Forever.

As you could imagine, it looked far more glorious with Dennis Gloria Dividend in it..


I hope y'all have a great weekend.. long weekend in NZ = gold!


Sue said...

Wow the skirt is wicked!!! Look out summer when you can ditch the leggings and get your groove on outside in the sunshine!!!!

Babajeza said...

Haha! Great frock. It really suits you. Have a nice day. Regula

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love your fiesta in the sun look and your friend looks fabulous! Nice to see another mum trying to blog in the chaos of kids, I know the feeling! xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Haha that gave me a good giggle. I was wondering who on earth Dennis was that would have such a frock! You look gorgeous....baby food & all. Every glimpse I get of your home looks SO interesting. I'd love a fossick through it, & in your wardrobe! Enjoy the long weekend. Xx

Vix said...

That's fab and so's Dennis. What a colourful print.
I didn't know you were a fellow short arse, amen to that! xxx

bonsaimum said...

Great skirt. Dennis looks like he's an absolute hoot!

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE the fab fun skirt - and Dennis looks my my kind of guy - what a BABE! Happy long weekend! Sarah xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

If you're out and about on Suesday be sure to wear it, then we won't miss you and be like ships passing in the night. (passing as in going by, not as in popping yer clogs, just felt I needed to clarify!)

pastcaring said...

What a fabulous skirt! How great to see you dancing up a storm in your kitchen (which looks a great deal more immaculate than mine...)
Dennis/Gloria looks like a fun friend! xxxx

Helga! said...

Dennis is a STAR!!! Glorious!
Fab fabric,you just need Iria to pour some glitter over you!