27 October 2012

A Note..

Today I'm in the paper (NZ Herald on SUnday).. I was interviewed on my opinion of the demise of the 'Glory Days' of op shopping.. (I feel another blog post coming on!!)

It's happened a bit/is happening here in Hamilton too sadly.

The $2 mirror referred to in the article.

But the article was mainly referring to Auckland, where I believe the situation has become far more out of control!!

There are still plenty of 20c, 50c and $1 items to be found, if you know where to look, and HOW to look!

I'd like to announce, if you're reading this, that bargains are plentiful in Hamilton op-shops,(But don't tell anyone!!) most of which you will see on this blog, often!   

No, seriously, if anyone wants a guided tour of where to find the op shops in Hamilton, I'll help you! 

And don't give up on op shopping!! It's a brilliant thing to do, for so many reasons!

Happy Days! 

Stay tuned for my most amazing JUMBLE SALE haul EVER!!


Max said...

They certainly spoke to the right person! It's a mixed bag here. The salvos are overpriced and overshopped, but the tip shop, midweek is mind blowing (as long as you know who the one lady is who massively over prices things and dawdle until she nips out back!). Gorgeous mirror x

Aunty Bee said...

I couldn't agree more, the prices are silly. It's church and school fair time here and I got 2 70's sheets and 2 metres of wool fabric for $4.00's. In fact I took my usual @20.00, bought lots of stuff and put change in the change tin (Christmas food tin) when I got home. I asked at a Op shop why a jacket was $9.00 she replied it was a "label" and that's what they were doing now. They have a list of "labels" which they charge more for, it was funny as I never think of the Big Red Shed as selling "labels". Who knew.

Sue said...

Now I need to go buy the sunday herald!! I am sure I will agree with all that you say.

gabrielle said...

yep definately out of control up here as far as hospice, red cross and sallies go, all branded and over priced but luckily I can still find things in the little church oppies

Vix said...

You are such a celeb! Please scan the article so's I can read it, pretty please!
You're right, there's loads of bargains out there, it's all about knowing how to look properly and seeing potential in stuff (and having mates that know your style).
Show us yer jumble, love! xxx

saving for travel said...


We have a mixed bag of op (charity) shops in the UK. The national charity shops such as British Heart Foundation and Oxfam are more expensive and do have a 'HIGH STREET/DESIGNER RAIL'. But Local Hospice or animal charity shops are still great value.

I've written about my Charity Shop finds on my blog today.

pastcaring said...

Ooh, are you famous now? I think you can still find bargains. If the prices are too high, you don't have to buy! Now show us what you found at the jumble, you tease! xxxx

Julie said...

Congrats on the article! Things are really overpriced, and there are certain op-shops that are worse than others. I am such a lazy op-shopper. I would love to rumble. Alas my children have different ideas. So I hit my locals which tend to be the more over priced variety, but still manage to find some good bargins on the right day. Count me in for an op shop tour of Hamilton. As long as there is cake involved somewhere along the way ...

Jody Pearl said...

So glad it's not just me!

Having recently visited (home) NZ I was SHOCKED at the state of op shopping and wrote a post about my experience.

We didn't make it to Hamilton..next time!

Congratulations on the write up - wish I'd seen it before we came over.

nzgreenbuttons said...

Ours are quite expensive I think. I often worry about the people that "need" to shop there. I wonder how they get on when kids T-shirts are $5+. I know these charities need to make money, but surely looking after your community is important too!