4 November 2012

VArious Recent Finds and Recently

1. Spooky party 
2. Trying to get a photo of 5 spooks

Recent finds:

A few things from the last few weeks' op shopping adventures!

$3. Love the colour! From 5-x roads Red Cross (my local and my fav!)
Sticker said $3 each, so I enquired as to how many there were..
Sadly the other had been sold. Why would you buy one, at that price?! 

This is my nappy bag. My sister-in-law gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago. (op shopped of course)
When I turned up to her place a couple of weeks ago with the bag, her neighbour (who was there) recognised it as one that she made YEARS ago and gave to Silverdale School for their school fair.. classic!

Very cute Arlo shirt.

These have featured before but the pots are a recent find.
You wouldn't believe how
stoked I was to find these.
The perfect size for yoghurt, hummus, snacks etc.. There are 5. 20c each.

One missing but for $5 didn't want to leave it behind. Those glasses are so fine and divine.

cute egg cups. Breaking my yellow orange and brown egg cup rule!

That marker pen thing!!! Grr!

Love them in their boxes better than out!

I love love love this. It's quite old - maybe late 70s?
Arlo will get it for Christmas.

Why the heck do they write 'as is'?! 
Isn't everything as is?
I see that a lot.. 

So cute - the birdies open their eyes when they  come out.
Music plays, but not annoying music for a  change.

New dresses.

My mum-in-law was giving this to the op shop so I nabbed it!


I saw Shepherd's Delight tonight. That's a good sign for tomorrow!

Happy Days!

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gabrielle said...

great finds especially the glass holder, am always on the look out for those. Love your 5 little spooks

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love love love those glasses in the caddy thingo. So sweet. And Arlo's gift is super cute. Can't wait to see you model the frocks! Xx

Anonymous said...

Oh geez I'd love a nappy bag like that, carrying cloth nappies chunkier then disposables and I roomy bag is hand. Sweet shirt for Arlo. I'm loving the eggs cup and the sweet toy.

one denim bird said...

Right, thats it! I'm coming to Hamilton to op shop!!! You get all the crazy bargains ;-)

mlblog said...

Nappy bag is soooo cool. Just had my second bub and my nappy bag is your stock standard boring style booooo!


saving for travel said...

That's such a conicidence about the nappy bag-I love it! Beautiful colours and pattern.

You really do find lots of treasure and I love that you buy so many great things for the children.
That is so practical.

Is the toy for now or for Christmas?

Have a great week.

Sft x

pastcaring said...

I can't resist a bit of retro glassware either! All the finds are great, I'm looking forward to seeing you in those dresses. And such a cute pic of Iris! xxxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Great hauls! Now I love that coincidence about the bag! My life seems filled with coincidences and chance meetings...or maybe it's just fate! And 5 children is scary enough without the dressing up isn't it? :D ;) ♥

Jess B said...

Mmmm, licorice allsorts...

Misfits Vintage said...

I think 'AS IS' is op shop code for 'We know it's broken so don't ask us for a discount!'.

Love all of your treasures - especially the egg cups, the fab glasses and the white wicker basket with the fab floral base. The kids all look super scary!!

Sarah xxx

bonsaimum said...

Your spooks look fantastic and you find some great stuff. Arlo is so cute it should be illegal :)

Gina said...

Oh, the photo of the little witch is so, so darling!

I also love the little spooks one-it's so much better how they were all floating about!

And, Arlo! Such a great name for such a cute little guy.

Pam said...

First of all, your kids are adorable. Love the witch outfit. Secondly, I am with you on the marking pens. Sometimes the box is worth more than the item inside!

Julia said...

You found so much good stuff this week! The green chair is awesome, love the colored glasses in the carrying rack, and the egg cups are super cute. I think they write "as is" to keep people from asking to lower the price because of wear or damage... I see that a lot, too, and I just assume it means they noticed something not perfect about it and don't want people bugging them about it.
Your kids are so cute in their costumes, and those ravaged cookies are hilarious!
Thanks for linking up with us!