25 October 2012

Virtual Tea Party

Sunday 28th October I will be joining in with the


happening this weekend in Blogville.

 Image from UK hire company Pineapple Vintage 

Set up by the hostess with the mostest @ Mum's Simply Living.

You just do a little tea-party related post and link it back to her blog.

YOu could go all the way and have a tea party, or
* a pretend tea party with your toys
* show us your tea set/tea pot/table cloth collection
* share a recipe..

She hosts it annually..
It's a bit of fun!


saving for travel said...

Will try to pop along. Am away for the weekend celebrating our Mortgage Freedom (from today).

Sft x

Mum said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you there - with floral frocks, dollies, whatever rocks your boat. May I take an eggy sandwich, they'll go off before Sunday won't they?!!
Love from Mum