31 August 2012


Today is Daffodil Day here in NZ.

It's all to do with cancer.. and remembering and HOPING  (and fundraising!)

My mama died of cancer.
Some things turn a bit yellow for the day over here in NZ. The kids trundled off to school with yellow t'shirts on, clutching their gold coins.

We wear yellow at our place.

I thought I was a woman of many colours but today, unlike other years,
( maybe there's something in a box in the garage that I haven't unearthed since the move...?)
Apart from bags and other accessories!
So that will be my new op shop mission!!! I'm on a Yellow Hunt!

Our regular friday playgroup jaunt. 

I made this lemon slice to share with the other mamas and dads.. (so good - it's like lemon meringue pie in a slice)

The kids iced biscuits with yellow icing and 100s and 1000s...
That's a vintage baby dress ( Iris is wearing it as a top) from my childhood. 


(It's also the last official last day of Winter)
Spring is beginning to emerge..

I LOVE Spring!


Misfits Vintage said...

So much loveliness! My mama died of cancer too. I love the beautiful pic of you and Arlo - and could we PLEEEEEASE have the lemon-slice-that's-like-lemon-meringue-pie recipe!?

Yay for the end of winter - but it snowed and sleeted here today... so it doesn't feel like the end yet...

Sarah xxx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I lost my mother in law last year to this horrible illness :( yellow is such a happy colour and hopefully bring happy memories of your Mum, take care, Ada :) x

pastcaring said...

Ah, what lovely photos, especially the first one of you and Arlo. Good luck in your yellow hunt, I am sure you will find something grand, and look as fab as the kids, and your lemon slices! So sorry you lost your mama, yellow is a wonderfully cheery colour yet I can feel the sadness too. xxxx

Clara Turbay said...

it´s cool!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics spreading the word of a needed cause, but also a dad of remembering.

The kiddies all look delightful in yellow. Wishing you yellow, sunshiny goodness in your hunts at the oppies.

I too wouldn't say no to the recipe of such a wonderful sounding slice. X

Penny-Rose said...

A lovely post and gorgeous photos. I have been wearing my daffodil all week. I lost my mother-in-law to cancer so I am very supportive of Daffodil week. Yes, please share the lemon slice recipe - it looks delicious.

Krista said...

So sorry you lost your Mama honey:(. Yellow is a perfect color for remembering people who brought so much warmth into our lives. You and your kids are so adorable! Here's to springtime baby!

Rhiannon said...

Beautiful cheery yellow-ness, and for such a good cause x