23 August 2012


Ahhh what happened?! It's suddenly nearly September and the official end of Winter.. and I've just worked that out! 
First of all I'd like to say a big HELLO to my new followers.. (100! I'd better do a giveaway to celebrate!)
Thank you for all the wonderful comments and I will try to find some fabulous peaceful moments some time this weekend to read everyone's blogs and do a bit of commenting etc... Never seems to be enough hours in the week! 

This post is in response to quite a few questions and comments on my pram that featured in a recent post.

The grey one I bought for $10 when I was 16!!! There was an awesome monthly jumble sale here in Hamilton that was AMAZING at the Salvation Army 'Nest'. It was seriously the highlight of my month. It's a bummer they don't still do it but it finished years ago.. ANyway... I bought this home much to my Mum's despair hilarity! I loved it. Still do of course! 

History lesson: This pram was bought, along with 15 others when the Mothercraft unit at the hospital here in Hamilton was built. They still use these prams to get the babies to sleep. 
They sold this one a couple of years ago so I just had to get it (via Trademe)!

These prams are fantastic. They have amazing suspension and the babies really can't help themselves but fall asleep.. When we take them out we get stopped by old ladies saying  they love to see the old timers out and about, and young car enthusiasts who are well interested in the mechanics.

They are not great for fitting in the car though so we have a fold out one for that. I once had a 70s folding one that had a tassled fringe. So cool. Wish I hadn't let that one go.

This is Iris and her bestie as we blazed a flowery  trail to our Friday playgroup about 5mins walk from our place. My friend Kathy got her Silver Cross pram FREE from a charity shop in London!!!! The old lady in there had been waiting for the right recipient to come along to give it to !!!!*Pram envy!*
We would love to set up a vintage pram club but so far it's only us!!! 

Happy Days everyone!


pastcaring said...

My sister and I had Silver Cross dolls prams in the 1960s, which my mum bought secondhand, they were fab.
Old prams are great pieces of engineering, aren't they? And so stylish! But as you say, not so car friendly, and heavy.
My mum tells a story of being late to fetch my sister from school, rushing there with me in the pram, taking a corner too fast, and me flying out! No straps in those prams... That bump on my head might explain a few things!
Gorgeous pics of the kids. xxxxx

one denim bird said...

I must ask my mum to send a photo of me as a bubba in one in 1969! They sure are beauties, I can just imagine the interest while you are out walkin! Thanks for the history too - thats all part of the fun hey - knowing where or how they came about!!! Love em to pieces - and so do your kids by the looks of things!!!

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet I just love theses prams!!!!! I too want to find a photo of me in a pram like this in 1970. I wish I was home to hunt it out.
Looking gorgeous with fairy wings!!!!
Love v

Rhiannon said...

They are seriously gorgeous!

Vix said...

I was a Silver Cross baby, too. They've become really popular with the Traveller community here and crop up at car boot sales pretty often. I know there's a few pictures of me looking all posh in mine in the 1960s, I'll have to dig one out. x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love those old prams! I was taken everywhere, including across the common and the woods in mine. My mum lined it with pictures for me to look at too. You're like me, buying something completely inappropriate at a young age and trying to keep it til you need it. Looks like everyone had a great time in those too!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh Vintage pram heaven!!! I always loved how bouncy those were. Someone had one when I was a child and I remember always wanting to sit in it!! *hahaha*
I love the fairy picture of you *AHAHAHA* So funny!

Vintage Coconut said...
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Dearest Lou said...

Your children are so dang cute (:

Dearest Lou

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh man, that baby is growing so quickly!!! I love these gorgeous old prams - I occasionally see one in an op shop over here and they are always super duper expensive! Sarah xxx

Sue said...

seriously wicked prams. And I bet all your kids have loved every trip out in such comfort.

gabrielle said...

love them we have an old brown one and a silver cross pushchair but I am always putting vintage parks on my trademe watchlist