6 August 2012

op shopping just a little bit..

I went to a couple of op shops a few weeks ago, for the first time in MONTHS! I know!! 

Just a few things. But I love them all..

Never can pass by fruit/vege shaped things..It's a kitsch attraction.

3 new cushions. The yellow one is super shiny and often features in the kids games, eg as the golden throne etc..

I am SO in love with this glass canister..
It used to have salted cashews in it..
SO groovy.

$2 for a glass jar seems excessive but my non op-shopping sister said that you would pay $2 or more for a new plastic one at Briscoes or The Warehouse.
So there we go!

My op shopping feet are getting itchy again. Hopefully it won't be that long between drinks again!!!

Happy Days!


Vintage Coconut said...

Your tomato orderve fork thing is so CUTE!! I found a olive one at a thrift store and I (LOVE) it. Mines missing 1 little fork though I only have 3. I know eventually I will find another one.
I would have done the same thing when I was little.

Helga! said...

O,I adore the tomato forky thang!!!AND the yellow shiney cushion!AND the fab print on the jar label!!!
Just a quickie and you've got your opshop mojo back again!
I love how Ms Coconut is excited about the Golden throne!!! So cute! I don't think I can remember back that far.....but I'm sure I would have been in on it too!!!

pastcaring said...

Ha, if ever an arse needed a Golden Throne, it's Helga's!
Good to see you op shopping again, Mama! Love the tomato forky contraption xxx

two squirrels said...

yay to op-shopping!!!!! The tomato thingy is very cool!!!!
I am so bad for finding cushions, these are fabulous.
Love v

Kelly Wayne said...

I love hearing when peeps get their op shopping mojo back! You're latest pick ups are sooo cute! Kel :)