7 August 2012

Olympics Champion

Inspired by Ms Helga to do an Olympics themed style shoot.. I donned my red white and blue.

I do believe the NZ flag should not actually be red white and blue, but it is. Plus, Team GB are doing a terrific job, and London is defo doing the job as hosts. 

PLus I am half english, you know. 
Me Dad is a Londoner..

The events I am participating in this year are:

The watching marathon
It's quite exhausting. 

The washing and folding duathlon
Here I am NOT doing very well.

My necklace has mussel shells on it. 
Because, well, all athletes have muscles you know.

I am actually a gold medal winner in Breastfeeding. I practise a lot. 
Have done for years on and off. That's why gravity isn't my friend, as you can see in this pic. 

Baby wearing/weightlifting. 
In the old days they called this 
Strong Woman contest. 
I need to work on the putting-clothes-back-in the-closet and Cleaning-the-mirror events.

Planking is probably my favourite discipline right now. chance would be a fine thing.

So there we go.
Olympic champion.
Half dressed of course, coz that's where I'm at right now!

Dress: thrifted a LONG time ago.
Cardy: from a charity shop in London
Necklaces x2: Fiji, handmade by a lovely woman
(my dad used to live there and I used to visit him there.) I couldn't work out which looked best with the dress. I think the white. They are both symbolic of the fact that I am down here in the Pacific at this end of the world. Yet some of our athletes still manage to get a medal or 2 Yayar!
Beige and brown trackies (retro Golden Breed) : op shop of course
Slippers: from my mother-in-law!!!!

Total cost of what I'm wearing would be about $3 I'd say. 

hHappy dDays..

Why not take up the Olympic Fashion challenge at Ethical Fashion Bloggers?!
Join in! 


Penny-Rose said...

Love your Olympic inspired outfit - the necklace is very unusual. I think mothers should get a gold medal ;-)

Rhiannon said...

Love this post - and your oufit. You're a crack up : )

Anonymous said...

This post is a winner!!
You are so gorgeous in that fabulous dress, the print is great!
I like both the necklaces too!I think I should practise more some of these sports you posted here, especially the washing and folding duathlon, I'm sure that I'm worse than you!
You are a champion!

Misfits Vintage said...


You get a perfect 10 from this Australian judge!

The frock is gorgeous and you are a superstar!

Sarah xxx

bonsaimum said...

What an absolute hoot :)

pastcaring said...

Ooh, love the frock!
I would fail miserably in most domestic chore-based events! The watching marathon however, I am right up there with you, battling for a medal! As for breast feeding and baby weight lifting - well, I am an enthusiastic supporter but long since retired from the competition, ha!
Great post! xxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh you are looking just fabulous!!!!!! That dress is gorgeous.
Awarding you a Gold medal for being a wonderful stylish and beautiful mum.
The muscles are perfect!!! tee hee
Love v

Vix said...

That frock definitely deserves a gold medal, it's just gorgeous. I love those necklaces, too. I have a similar one made from cow teeth, which is hideously gory but makes for an interesting wall hanging! x

Vintage Coconut said...

*OOOO* The mussel necklaces are LOVELY!!! (So oceany)
That dress looks nice on you, love the pattern.
I think you deserve a gold medal for all your hard work!

briansanunusualnameforagirl said...

You my dear - LEGEND

zigsma said...

I think baby-BEARING should be an Olympic sport! I reckon you're a champion!!

Sue said...

Fantastic post, wish I had seen it earlier, like when the ollies were still on at least. But better late than never. Well done with all your events and I am sure you will continue to compete in some for most of the year!!