3 August 2012

Parcel of Joy

While my computer was having a breakdown I received a parcel from my bloggy friend Maraea from Brian's an unusual name for a girl..
SUCH a cool woman.
I love her blog. She speaks her mind and I generally agree wholeheartedly with her points of view. She speaks with passion and compassion. 

And I'm hoping to meet her at some stage in real life.. I know we'll get along swimmingly!

This is Arlo with his new friend.  I'll leave him to give it a name when he's older.
Cutest octopus ever.

For now we're calling him Wheke (pronounced Fear-care, kind of! Hard to explain..) and means octopus of course..
Iris, when asked, said his name might be 'Red and white and Green Octopus" Mmm could be catchier!
This blanket is beautiful. I love it. It's Arlo's new pram one.

Very cool jumper..

..and even booties.
This is where I found Wheke this morning lol..

Maraea, you're SO sweet to share the retro baby stuff/blog love!I love it all.
Thank you so much!

I wish you a whole heap of good karma and happy vibes!


pastcaring said...

Could Arlo be any cuter? Answer- yes, when accessorised by Wheke, a beautiful pram blanket (that is a great photo) and a stripey jumper and booties.
Great gifts, lucky Arlo! xxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh Arlo is getting so big so quickly! He has the most beautiful smile and I love all of the gorgeous knitty goodies! Sarah xxx

Kelly Wayne said...

Oh wow, lucky Arlo! Those booties are so divine!!! And I bet the octopus stays as one of his favourites for a very long time. Thanks for sharing Marea's details too, I'm eager to go and suss her blog/baby things out. Kel xx

gabrielle said...

your boy is just gorgeous, love his pressies, we too have been on the lucky receiving end of packages from Maraea

Krista said...

Arlo is such a love honey! Nothing beats cute babies and all the cute stuff that goes along with them!