28 August 2012

Op Shop Booty and BOOTS..

It's finally me!
Finding  a space in the day to do  a post!
Well Hello there new friend!

It's got one of these hair blow wavers (?) inside.. which I am not going to keep... $6 which is actually quite steep in my cheap skate view.. but I had to have it...
They make terrific handbags


And I had to get it because it is my other one's long lost sister.
We all know one is never enough.
One day I might get a real job and these might be my BRIEF CASES because they are perfect A4 size.


The Same but Different.
A bit like my all time favourite boots.
(complete with baby chunder)

Speaking of BOOTS.. I got these off trademe. They're CAMPERS as well. I find it very hard to wear uncomfy shoes these days.  One of the only things that we don't always buy at an oppie! (No I'm not being paid to advertise for them!)
Happy Days..

By the way, in my last post... the pram photos .. those are my first 4 kids.. about 2 1/2 years ago. the baby in the pink is Iris, not Arlo!
This is Arlo as he appeared yesterday. 3 months..
Bloody cute, if I may say so myself.


Anonymous said...

Oh madness sheer, sheer madness those bags/cases are making me weep.....my favourite colours green and orange with retro flowers. Oh what I do to find one/have one.

Arlo's green overalls are delicious too.

By the way what wrap are you flashing there? I've got a BBSlen paprika coming to me next week, going to give the woven wrap a proper go, so hopefully I have it down pat for the hopes of number three. Mind you it might be a tall ask, trying women's with and 18month old but she is used to being in other carriers at times, just not a lot these days.

Rhiannon said...

We have the greenish yellow one - the other color way is quite fabulous too.

two squirrels said...

Oh he is super cute!!!!! Wow he has grown so much!!!!
You look so lovely in the first pic sweet.
Arh yes it is a long lost sister, and yes they do make amazing handbags. Great find.
Love v

Penny-Rose said...

Oh he is so cute, and I love him in green it makes his eyes look big and dark. What colour are they? As for the hair dryer cases, they are spectacular. How cool to find one and then find the missing sister!!

pastcaring said...

I had no idea there was a hair dryer hiding in that fabulous bag! And you have TWO! Great colours.
Lovely to see you doing your Blue Steel model look in the first pic! And Arlo is such a cutie pie.
Oh I remember those days of having baby sick on some item of clothing at all times... Doesn't detract from the great boots though! xxxx

Sarah said...

He is too cute!

Love the bags - perfect to store paperwork in. Love some for my study! Will have to keep an eye out.

Sue said...

Love your bags!! Master Arlo is gorgeous. My great nephew is called Arlo.

Sue said...
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Vix said...

That's ace, glad I'm not the only vintage hairdryer whore in the Blogworld! Your's are super groovy!
Liking Arlo's cord dungarees, mind you I can't imagine you having a child that wasn't as fabulously dressed as you! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh those hairdryer bags are FABULARSE!!! I absolutely love them - and would use them as handbags! How marvellous to have the two sisters!

Oh sorry for confusing your kids - I thought it was awesome that you had Arlo in hot pink! He's growing so fast and yes, he is absolutely GOOORGEOUS!

Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Indeed,one IS never enough......OMG,I am pea green with envy over those amazing blowdryer bags!!! EEEEEEEEEK!

Kelly Wayne said...

Well, you are MOST DEFINITELY right in saying those little cases make neat little handbags! And of course, you sooo take just one, and leave it's twin behind - you HAD TO keep them together! Fab xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

They are just great, so retro! Ada :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I understand - I can never find decent shoes in charity shops anymore! I want one of those bags!! they look amazing!