2 September 2012

purple paisley

We went to my friend's 40th last night. 
ALL of US!!!
Getting us all ready was RIDICULOUS!

It was like a slapstick comedy. 

Amidst the mayhem I asked my kids to take some photos of me for the blog.
I had to crop my head out of this because I think I was hollering at someone and I looked BAD!
This is another dress I've had for about 15 years. It is so comfy. I had to wear a skirt under it coz frocks are NOT breastfeeding friendly!

It's all op-shopped of course.
There were plenty more of these!

The party was great of course, once we got there. The kids were all good and showed people their best dancing moves. I love a good old fashioned kiwi party in a hired church hall!

And in other news: Today is Fathers' Day over here.
My kids have got a good one!

They gave him cute cards and breakfast in bed and a few extra squishy hugs.

(For those of you who asked for it..next post will have the lemon slice recipe.
I'm  boob-feeding right now and can't get up to get it)


pastcaring said...

Oh those days of endless breast feeding, not wearing dresses (never thought of putting a skirt on underneath, duh!) and being pinned to the sofa for ages by a slurping babba. Kinda miss it, kinda don't!
Love the colours of your frock and your out takes. I have some corkers too!
Glad you enjoyed your party, Happy Dad's Day to your man! xxxxxx

Dharshi De Silva said...

Super cute dress Linda! My fav op shop find was a Japanese kimono which I have worn to death and I still wear it with rips and all. I don't think I"ll ever be able to give it up!

Anonymous said...

Loveyly frock. You are so smart with the skirt trick, I will have to give it a go. I've been on a bit of a buying frenzy lately, so most of my vintage purchases are a lot more breastfeeding friendly.

The out take pics are hilarious. Looking forward to the recipe.

two squirrels said...

Oh you look so pretty in that paisley dress!!!! It was a great choice for a night out.
Oh I love a good old kiwi hall party!!!
Love v

Anonymous said...

I love a good old-fashioned hall party as well! How wonderful you all went - I love the outtakes though. Must have been a mission to get them all organised!

Vintage Coconut said...

I adore your paisley dress!
I also lol'ed at you having to crop your head out because you were hollering. *bAHAHAH*

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I lurve that purple dress, should paisley really be any other colour?!