11 August 2012

A Sunny Saturday

Off across the field to watch the football. 
We live just on the edge of this field and that's the kids' school over there.
So nice perambulating distance!
Not the most terrific angle on me right now!
Never mind.
I've had this necklace since I got it at a Jumble Sale when I was about 15.
PLastic Fantastic.

My Dad came to visit..

And because it's been World Breastfeeding Week, I shall leave you with my favourite BF image ever, taken from this terrific book (that I found at an op shop of course):


Happy Days.


OPInionated said...

Beautiful pictures! What a happy look on that babies face!


Vix said...

I knew you'd have a cool pram!!!
Your dad's mug is ace! xxx

Rhiannon said...

I wish, wish, wish we had kept the old pram I bought when Aesop was born. We ditched it when we moved to the North Island, but I very much miss it. Yours is even more spectacular!

alex said...

Great photos!

two squirrels said...

Oh the pram is fabulous. My mum had the same one when were babies. Love it.
Every dad should have a great 70's poppa coffee cup.
Love v

Kelly Wayne said...

That pram is so absolutely gorgeous! I've seen them every now and then at the op shops and thought how I'd love one, for my own bubba one day. And that coffee cup is too cute! xx

pastcaring said...

What a fabulous pram!
And I love the photo from your book. The way a woman's body produces just what your baby needs is a minor miracle. The rates of beeast feeding in the UK are woefully low, especially after the very early weeks. Seems like the thrifty option to me, in addition to all the other good reasons to do it! xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

When I was little our home was across from our elementary school too! I loved it because I could run home in just minutes to grab a snack at recess or lunch. =D

I passed up on 3 vintage baby buggies like yours thinking "When I am pregnant I will find one and buy it." So SERIOUSLY... When I am knocked up I better come across one or I will be sad. *lol*

Anonymous said...

Oh my the pram.
But really whatis stealing my heart is the baby at he breast, it says everything. Melts my heart a thousand times over. Love, love, love.......I want to frame it.

gabrielle said...

very cool pram