17 August 2012

a thrifty birthday!

Apart from a few things, everything iris got for her recent birthday was op-shopped/garage-saled and stashed away for the big day.. it is SO easy to do, and she really could not have been happier!

See that box of bits and pieces? She LOVES all that stuff. She has recently been given a doll's house so along with that and this stuff it has kept her amused for hours.

Birthday cake on the day.. All the cousins came over and she partied with her brothers all day.

Birthday party a few days later with her buddies, while the boys were at school.. 

Heaven for 3 year olds!

She wanted a Cinderella cake but that's the best I could do. Just a random doll cake. Princess coz that's her latest thing. 

Me and Arlo on cake cutting duties.

I have to say, that after 3 boys, I quite like doing a few girly-ish kinds of cakes and parties. Here are the previous creations. 



Sarah said...

what an amazing birthday! what a lucky little girl. the bathroom this are so cute, and I love the party. would you mind if I used one of your photos on my blog retromania to recommend this post and your blog? party inspiration!

Frugal Queen said...

I love all of that - It's a myth that children are expensive - such a lovely party - I hope you don't mind if I link this to my blog?

pastcaring said...

I buy presents from charity shops for my kids birthdays/Christmas. Some of my friends are a little appalled, don't know why... I got Eldest some rollerblades from Freecycle (so they were freee, hurrah!) and gave them to her for Christmas, what's not to love about that?
Anyway, the party looks like 3 year old girl heaven, hope the Princess Barbie didn't singe her hair on the candles!
Your cakes are fab, think the Russian doll is my fave.
Have a great weekend.
PS. How is the mouse situation? xxxxxx

zigsma said...

Brilliant! The doll's house furniture! The cake!! The other cakes!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

no one makes me kiddy cakes anymore! they're my favourite! What a cute brithday, mine's tomorrow and I bet it won't be as fun! Excellent idea getting things from op shops! xx

CityScape Skybaby said...

What amazing birthday cakes! I'd like the Russian doll one for my own birthday. And I bet your little girl was delighted with her Princess cake, looks like she had a fantastic birthday. I'm the opposite of you, I had a girl then three boys and I miss all the little girl stuff. xx

lasophia said...

I would have been thrilled to have cakes and presents like that when I was a little girl. I cant wait to throw parties for my daughter. The babushka doll cake, takes the uh, cake. You are very talented in the baking department!

Vintage Coconut said...

I WANT CAKE!!! *lol* Happy Birthday Iris!

Sue said...

Happy birthday to little Iris. Girl time!!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

Great gifts- kids don't know the difference! Those cakes are amazing!


one denim bird said...

Happy Birthday Iris! Looks like you had one heck of a par-tay!! Your special mum sure knows how to score the best pressies ever! Go Mum x

Dearest Lou said...

Wow what an awesome birthday! She looks so happy and I love the cake (:

Dearest Lou

Alyna Higgs-James said...

Awesome party and cake and haul of goodies, love it!

gabrielle said...

happy birthday to your girl, awesome cake skills. I love her little cooking/tea set. At our place santa shops at the oppy's a lot, when one of them asked me I said think how long Santa has been around and the store of vintage toys he must have for children who love those things, now they think it's cool they get Santa's vintage toys

Georgia Rose said...

Miss Op Shop Mama, I have just read your entire blog from beginning to end and I adore it! You are basically living my dream life, with your adorable children and abundant opshop finds. All the photos of your finds are making me so envious, I live in Wellington now where it's a bit picked-over and I am SO missing Christchurch's second-hand goodies. You are a new firm favourite and I will be lurking for many posts to come! xx

Palaeontologist Mum with Babies said...

Gorgeous, I just found your blog too. Your little girl is so sweet. The cakes are wonderful, how do you have so much time to get everything gorgeous with little ones everywhere?
My daughter is 2, she has similar curls (as well as dreadlocks) to your little girl. What do you do to her hair, do you brush it or only brush it when you wash her hair?

Modern Day Mummying said...

I'm LOVING the Russian Doll Cake! That definately is my daughter's next birthday cake! Her nickname at Preschool is Babushka Baby... Not only because we have a Russian background but she has something with a Russian Doll on her every day... Hair accessories, bag tags, lunch box etc.

Can I ask... Did you come up with the idea yourself or does it come from somewhere??