4 September 2011

Wonderful Weekend

SPRING WEEKEND - so nice!!!

Had a party (finally) for Iris. (2) with her friends and brothers..

Gil is convinced that knights have orange trousers. He is really adamant about that. Bless him!

Sir Gilbert, the Great.

Happy Fathers' Day
He rocks!

I decided to go to a BALL would you believe it, on Saturday night with a friend of mine. I obviously didn't have time to create something to wear.. so I found the only thing I had that was slightly ball-ish (everything is still in boxes and bags) .. I avoided the cameras all night though.. but we had fun!!! Love spontaneous decisions like that!


Helga! said...

Good on you for an impromptu ball!!
Sir Gilbert is a dorable,and he's quite right about the orange trousers!!XXX

lasophia said...

My mama always told me knights had orange trousers haha. Such cute cookies and cake! Aww you can adopt me, I wouldnt mind.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

What a cute party! I love all the food and your knight is adorable!

E :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Cuteness abounds! Love the cake cookies and kids. I also have a knight, though he often accessorizes his helmet and sword with a bare bottom...

Max said...

Nom those biccie look good! Kids parties rock, I love your daughter dress x

Vix said...

All knights need a pair of orange trousers! x