21 September 2011

The A-Z of me. Play it back!

I've seen a few of these on blogs lately. I think it's fun to find out all this useles info about people. And it's good to keep things going. A bit like a virtual mexican wave.

I apologise that the last section seems to have got all squished up. Don't know how to fix it sorry..

The A-Z of me


B-Bed size:
King but we need a double next to it, as it's a 'Family Bed' 
full of kids a lot of the time. 
We love it like that!

C-Chore that you hate:
Getting to the bottom of the washing pile.
 It NEVER ends and that does my head in!

Pip, the dog we had when we were kids. She was lovely, but crazy. Those puppies were adorable.

NOt right now, but I quite like them. One day we'll get one I'd say. The kids are enough of a handful right now!

E-Essential start to your day:
I have few choices about this! 
It's mayhem here in the mornings!!

F-Favourite Colour:
A kind of lime yellow mustardy colour that I really can't explain! It's pretty much the colour that is on my Google Chrome tab. 

G-Gold or silver:
Silver but not much. 
Although my wedding bands are gold. 
I prefer BEADS!

5'1" lucky me.
Womble stature.

I-Instruments you play:
Can do piano but not majorly.
Am proud to say that I taught myself the ukelele last week and I'm addicted.
I was a jazz singer in a former life. Still do the odd wedding, BVs etc.
Voice is defo my instrument of choice.

J-Job title:
Crazy Mummy Op Shopper
I was a primary school teacher in a previous life.


Last CHristmas

Don't you love Joe's filthy feet?

On the edge of a huge school field
 in a blue house that we LOVE.
Hamilton, NZ

M-Mothers name:
Robin Isla, rest her beautiful soul.

That's one of my sisters with  Mum. 


I don't have a universal one. One friend calls me Mavis. I call her Mavis too.
My real name is Linda, for those that are interested!

I was called Lindy until I was 7 or 8 and decided I was too grown up.

O-Overnight hospital stays:

A few. 
But only when it's been necessary .
Actually, the worst was with my daughter iris for nearly a week. It's way worse when it's your kid that is sick. (She was 9 days old then and she's perfect now by the way!)

P-Pet peeves:

People chewing gum noisily, especially when in close confines like a lift or a London train or bus. 

Q-Quote from a movie:

"I could have been a contender" (MArlon Brando)
My problem is remembering them. I always think that I will, but I never do.

R-Right or left handed:

Me second from right. 

I have no idea how my parents managed to take this photo!

That's me front right in the green..
I'm a twin.

3 sisters
2 brothers

T-Time you wake up:
5:30 - 6 depending on when I'm forced to. I am more of a morning person than Op Shop Daddy, but that doesn't mean I like it!!

NEVER op shopped!
The only other things I wouldn't buy second hand would be a mattress or a fridge!

V-Vegetable you hate:

W-What makes you run late:
There's a long list, but I HATE being late.
A late nappy-change requirement is a common one, or trying to find something.

X-X rays you've had:
Teeth, broken shoulder a few years ago (I tripped on a toy and tried to save my young baby - my shoulder took the full fall. Shit that hurt. Most accidents happen at home LOL)

Y-Yummy food that you make:
I love baking when I'm in the mood. 
I make a pretty good slice or cookie..
I'm quite expert at eating them too. 
I am also good at stews and soups. And pies.
Bless my domestic goddess heart.

Z-Zoo animal:
Not much of an animal enthusiast, although I don't hate them obviously. My Dad works at the Auckland Zoo and I thoroughly enjoy a wander around it. 
I'm always attracted to those cheeky monkeys. 

Amused? Informed? Play it back! I want to hear about YOU! 

Happy days.


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I like these too, it's interesting to get a peek into people's lives! I'm probably going to do it today.

Your photos are so cool I love looking at my mum's pictures I look alot like her.

E :)

one denim bird said...

I love this too........photo's are fab! I dig the one of your sons dirty feet in the "portrait"! I remember when our now 8 yr old had his first "portrait" type photos, he was 18 months and he looked so cute with huge big holes in the toes of his little soft walking shoes :-) It's a classic!

Vintage Coconut said...

Such sweet pictues, I love the photos of you as a baby with your Brothers and Sisters.
You little twin babies are so adorable.

Penny-Rose said...

I loved reading this - I will do same! Very cute photos too. I play a bit of uke - but cannot sing a note!

Regula said...

This is nice to read.

Have a nwonderful day.

Vix said...

What a brilliant read and so well illustrated, too!
For some reason I thought you'd be tall.
Love that picture of you and your siblings. x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Love the photos! I keep reading these too so think I might do it as well. I still have a couple of awards to do so I might be lazy and combine the two as it involves plenty of facts!

duchess_declutter said...

Love it. Don't you love those old photos - great family shots.

Good idea - I'll give it a go soon. cheers Wendy

Nelly said...

I was very entertained I love reading about everyone Must do this myself soon.

zigsma said...

Those old photos are gorgeous. As are the new ones. How easy is the ukulele to learn? You are one comprehensive character.

lasophia said...

I love your mother's name! I had never seen Isla in a name before but it's a good idea. I had no idea you were so musical. Thats very cool.