8 September 2011


For those of you who don't know, the rugby World Cup kicks off today, here in NZ.

This country is a bit  ridiculously obsessed with rugby.

The kids got caught up in RWC fever, with their blackout today, in support of our national team, The All Blacks. All I can say is - THANK goodness our colour is black. No offence to my aussie counterparts intended, but yellow and green would be SO hard to do en masse!!

Another thing, it is impossible to get a sensible photo of an 8 year old boy, I'm finding.


Helga! said...

It takes a while to get a sensible photo of boys full stop!!! My nephew is 13 this year,and I think I got the first pic of him looking normal EVER just recently!!
Rugby?! Yawn.I used to really enjoy it,actually,but the last year or so I've just not found it so interesting, and I can't bring myself to be interested in the world cup!It's sweet how peeps get into it,though!
O,the haka does give the horn,still,however!

duchess_declutter said...

Not a bad lineup - you look a tad agressive though (in a good way)! Enjoy RWC. We have footy finals here too this w/end. cheers Wendy

Nelly said...

You should see our family photos Serioulsy I am so happy we have digital cameras lol WE will always have at least one person pulling faces no joke and thats been the same for many years.

Vintage Coconut said...

LOL! Your kids are cute, even the one making the silly face.
Heck I still make faces and I am days away from 30. *uhgggg* =p

Max said...

Hmmm. He looks suspiciously like he is farting. Heh! The WC is a it off my radar too, although I will enjoy shopping in an empty supermarket when the game starts tonight x

lasophia said...

OOh rugby! Do you play? I want to know how bad it hurts. I admire it so much. No pads. I hate American football. I never grew up with it so I don't get what all the fuss is about.

Anonymous said...

Go the ALL BLACKS!! :)
We are actually watching them now.

I always found it hard to get decent photos of our boys too...we chuckle now when looking back through them all.