9 September 2011

Video treat

So I thought I'd do a little tongue-in-cheek number with my guitar for all the peeps, to show my (ahem) support for the ALL BLACKS.

I put it on my facebook account, but I'm totally buggared if I cannot load it to my blog, no matter how hard I try.

It is maybe a little long, or something..

ANYWAY.. if you want to hear it, try this. I'll make my account public for a couple of days!! Otherwise, befriend me (you can de-friend me straight after you watch it if you want) I haven't put things on youtube before, I know that would be the easiest way to link up..

Just if you're curious..


Nelly said...

I will try and listen if my lappy allows(freezes up when trying to watch or listen to somthing) but had to say what lovelt blue eyes you have

Vix said...

I can't wait to hear it!
You are looking gorgeous, loving the black corsage. x

Kate said...

Ha! I love how far you guys go to get into it. And you are so right, black is so much easier on the eyes than our green and yellow. Love the corsage. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.