17 September 2011


I haven't done a post for nearly a week! How did that happen?
Here's a bit of my kind of eye-candy!

Next time I go to a ball I'm making one of these. Or a version of!

ED EMBERLEY LOVE him!!! Remember his thumb/fingerprint drawing books from when I was a kid..

Cuteness and kitchness.

Is it possible to NOT laugh every time you look at this?! (sOrry to laugh at another's misfortune - hope she didn't get injured..)

I wouldn't want to waste any of my kids' lego on these but they're pretty cool!

VERY clever!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend, wherever in the world you are!!


Judith said...

I love the tutu, not sure about the lego shoes tho.

Vix said...

Hello! hope you've having a great weekend!
Love the girl falling off the fence.
Those shoes are crazy! I saw a lady who'd glued reptiles on her boots last week, she called them her crocodile shoes and I was very envious. x

La Dama said...

cute fawns, that picture is hilarious, poor girl.
cool lego shoes now I seen everything.