28 September 2011


I am slowly getting moments of time to sift through all the bags and boxes that were in my loft - it's like a sentimental journey and christmas and a treasure hunt all rolled into one!

I will reveal what's in this pile when I get the chance. Contain your excitement folks!

I'm airing stuff out and washing it..  and finding all sorts of goodies!!

What joy and bliss!

Except for the parts where I find my WINTER clothes (yes folks, winter is now over - I KNEW I had more clothes somewhere!) and dresses that will no longer fit Iris!

3 shirts I have worn (and John the middle one too) for many years in Winter!
 But not 2011!
The one on the left was my Mum's. I have photos of her in it which I should find..
And I got the middle one in London at a charity shop.
The right hand one I got at a garage sale when I was probably about 17.

 All built to last, of course!

Happy Days indeed! 


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Those fabrics look awesome! Yay for finding treasures you had forgotten about.

Vix said...

Oh my goodness, you are such a tease, I'm dying to see more of those glorious fabrics.
Love those shirts sooo much. x

Vintage Coconut said...

OoOo lovely treasure from a buried attic! hehehe Those shirts are all fantastic The one on the left has to be my favorite.

Max said...

Argh I hate that too, finding stuff I stashed for Claud-when-bigger is now too small. Love the fabrics, I was going to suggest you make a quilt, but no, fab shirts! I love the middle one best x

lasophia said...

Those shirts are so cool! Must be fun to wear them. P.s. Thanks for liking my cat post. It took a while to scan all the pics. It made me happy that it made you happy :)

Wida said...

So colorful!!

Missing Amsie Blog

Helga! said...

Ooooooo goodies indeed!! How dare you tease us pattern whores?!


owlinalarkworld said...

Fabric ^^)