7 September 2011



This feature of mine used to be called 'Weekly Collection Selection' as that was my challenge - to blog about a collection, or part of one, every week... Yeh well life just gets in the way too much to keep that regime up!! I am still aiming to get to 52 though!!

This is just a small collection. 
There are a couple of others.. incl a very cool one that John puts his prescription sunnies in, but he had those at work when I took these photies today...

Collected over the years. I can literally NEVER pass one of these by.

These have been in use by me from time to time over the past 15 - 20 years., except the top left I just got a few months ago.

(They don't all have glasses in..) These glasses are my favourite. They were my Mum's and I wear them every now and then.
Rose tinted of course!

Check out this 'Shepherds' Delight' last night. Yes, it WAS a beautiful day today!


Anonymous said...

I never knew glass cases could be so groovy...you have quite a stunning collection there.

I miss sunsets like that...dad always said 'tomorrow is going to be a cracker' when the skies were that red.


Misfits Vintage said...

Oh man alive - I have never seen anything like these... but if i saw them I would snap them up so quickly! They are FABULOUS! And I love your Mum's specs too.

Great collection!

Sarah xxx

Nelly said...

Guess what I shall be looking for now?

Vix said...

I'm salivating at those amazing cases! I have a HUGE collection of vintage sunnies but not one fabulous case to store them in. You must have them all! x

Vintage Coconut said...

Very cute cases I like them all ALOT!
And that Sunset was gorgeous.

Max said...

ooh I love the 50's print ones in particular, what a cool collection, keep 'em coming this is fun!

duchess_declutter said...

Wow what a great collection. I've never seen such groovy ones either - obviously you have them all