11 September 2011

Garage Sale booty

Spin it and it twirls mesmerisingly. The kids love it.

Summer colours!

Cute old tin bowl and old pram. LOVE them.

Imagine my delight at finding these 2 boxes for $1. I forced myself to wait until the kids were in bed before I sifted through it.. what joy!

Um yeh this old girl has been rat attacked. Macabre! And rather ironic as she was bought from the Cats Protection League garage sale! LOL!!!!
She is NOT a keeper, sadly. If the rat had bitten her arse, that would probably have been OK....

But this lot is a keeper!
1975 Holly Hobbie dolls... and all their stuff.
And a strange little very
old collector doll..

I had a sindy doll like this. I've been collecting the old ones up, as their legs and body shape are a lot more realistic, in my opinion. (Also, the old ones had eyes that looked sideways and, according to an article I read recently, the straight ahead modern barbies etc.. convey a much more blank and submissive face. Lecture over.)
But mainly, these old girls are a nostalgia trip for me.

Strangely attracted to these chaps. Look at that one-horned purple bull. He's quite cute. Quite old, these guys.

I have 2 more boxes which I have not had a chance to sort through yet!! Yay! I've forgotten what it all is! I will get the chance tomorrow, and I can't wait!! They're out in the garage right now..

I KNOW you all want a maxi like this!! Isn't it magnificent?! Lucky Sindy.

Retro dollhouse furniture. Fantastic colour scheme. And one day I'll find the dollshouse I've been hunting for, and I'll put this lot in, and all the rest I've collected up!

Joining up to Her Library Adventures if you want to check out other booty from around the globe!!

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Zara said...

You've found so much great stuff, and at good prices too.
The dolls house furniture is so sweet. x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

You did really well this week. I love the tea cups and the doll furniture is the cutest. I'm pretty sure I have the same pink pram out in the shed in my old doll house!

E :)

one denim bird said...

Go you good thing..........and to think you were only talking about Sindy just days ago! Amazing how the universe works ha!
Oh I do love that little cup and saucer set. Very 70's! Yum.

zigsma said...

Oh a friend has that ball spinning thing - gorgeous. Lovely old doll's stuff - excellent score. Though that poor rat attacked doll - so arthouse...

Lucy Nation said...

What great finds. I love the teaset in the first pic

Max said...

Great doll house furniture finds, that stuff goes for a fortune on trademe. I hope you find a doll house soon, I just know I'm going to love what you do with the decor if it's anything like your place x

Vintage Coconut said...

You found such cute stuff. I love the dishes and the atomic ball springy thing.
The toys are all so sweet... excluding rat face.. she is a little creepy. hahaha =P

Michelle said...

Love your loot! Especially the ball toy. I want a dolls house too :-)

Little Dotty Bird said...

love it, love it, love it! The pram is gorgeous and the retro furniture, what lovely treasures to find. :)

lasophia said...

I'm quite a fan of the one horned bull! haha. And you have more treasures left! Awesome.


La Dama said...

What great toys, except for rat head doll. I used to collect Barbies. I want to start up collecting dolls again. love the horn bull and the cute prams.