31 May 2011

Recent finds..

.. well mainly today's actually..

I'm thrilled to have found this as we had one EXACTLY the same,
and I dropped it...

LOVE this little girl. She might just end up with pride of place on the kitchen window sill..

Strangely and totally attracted to this..

SHe's got a great attitude, don't y'all think?

Cute shoes for my Iris.. I'm sure I had some once that were exactly the same..

A bit of 3D Japanese kitsch. 

2 new chairs for a tenner.. 
50c of sparkly kitsch beautifulness..

plus a skipping rope and another plastic fantastic canister to add to my ridiculous collection..

Total spend today: about $20!! Nuts!

Hope you've had some good scores recently!


Judith said...

Some great finds. I especially love the apple.

EmilyKate said...

Oh wow, so much, and all in one day! Your opshoppy stars must be aligned!

duchess_declutter said...

You had a great day out I'd say. Good prices - and I find that print strangely fascinating too!

Heidi Jo said...

What fun finds! I'm going thrifting next week and hope to find some vintage goodness as well. I actually went last week and found a bunch of fabulous things for under $4! I have to remember to post about them next week- ha! Thanks for reading my blog!

Max said...

Ooh, love that floral print! I've just been watching "the delicious Miss Dahl" on dvd and thats exactly her style, very cool. And those shoes are the cutest, well done you! x

Michelle said...

Slug bug white!!! No tag backs, I called it first!!!! I love your treasures, especially the little oval pictures with children enjoying the out of doors! Love them. Thanks for sharing.

zigsma said...

Love those sweet little shoes. And I have an orange tray like yours!! I've stuck it on the wall.