19 May 2011

Five Friday Faves

SO here goes.. Still no collections posted up.. just don't have enough hours in the day/night, sadly!! Maybe this weekend??

Always stuff that makes me happy though.. and here are 5 of them!

This is for sale, on some website, somewhere in USA.
I want it!!
I dunno where this comes from. But I love it! Reminds me of  the decor when I was a kid.

How cool and clever is this??!! 

A sign in a shoe repair shop.. so clever!

One of my mirrors.. and it was $2 from my favourite op-shop. (that just closed down.. sob sob..) I should've cleaned this up before I photo'd it, and it's not a great shot.. but so in love with it!!


trixi said...

Love that apple!!

Nick said...

I love the apple as well. I wonder if it is computer generated. The patio (pronounced Pa-shi-o)lounge is a bit of alright as well