7 May 2011

Five Friday Faves

I've been spending a lot of time trying to work out how to make my photos aligned.. ie the same size.. as I think it looks WAY cooler.. I have found some great info but despite all my best attempts I cannot do it... ho hum.

Mucking about trying to work out technical stuff like that is NOT one of my Friday faves.. unless I'd won at it of course!!

1. These biscuits.. aren't they cool??!

2. LEGO! 
And it comes in so many colours and shapes and sizes these days..
it was just red, white, yellow, blue, black and white when I was a kid..
 This tower was made by one of my kids.

3. My HANDBAG!! 
I love the yellow-ness.

Somebody must have made this in the 70s..

4. THIS KITCHEN!! I want it!!! 
I saw it on Curlypops' blog.. (from an Aussie Real Estate AD)

5. Brotherly Love.. even in the virtual world!!
(I took this photo over my son's shoulder as he sent a 'gift' and
message to his brother's Moshi Monster.

I hope you're all loving stuff this weekend...


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What she said, *drools*