25 May 2011

Weekly COLLEcTION SelectIOn - my challenge! #6


WHY don't they make match boxes like this anymore? 
Is it because smoking is discouraged?

Why can't the big 24 packs of matchboxes from the supermarket have 
some sort of funky design on them?? 

I don't collect match boxes, but a collection has found its way into my house. Most of my 'collections' are like that - I don't actively seek a set of things, but somehow, bit by bit, I end up with a few or more of something... 

(Apart from the Crown Lynn Colour Glaze and the sifters - I specifically hunted and gathered those!!!)

So I have a few of these.. They are just so cute. And I love the artwork that is on them. The designs and the fonts in particular. There's a bit of a kitsch factor involved too of course!
I had some funky cylindrical ones like this but NO IDEA where.
(That's the trouble with me and my collections LOL!!!)

Except this almighty one.. with matches still inside!!

As an aside...
The view from the kitchen window today.
It's a great day for ducks here in Hamilton. NZ!

1 comment:

Vintage Vixen said...

I love old matchbrroks, they conjure up exotic travel and luxury living! There's some beauties there, especially that psychedelic Mucha-type lady.
Hamilton's weather looks identical to ours today. xxx