2 June 2011

Weekly COLLEcTION SelectIOn - my challenge! #7


Our dishwasher has died.

But I actually don't mind..
We've been quite enjoying doing the dishes by hand, chatting as we do it..

But when I saw the tea towels hanging on the line, it got me thinking..

Should i be using my favourites for the dishes?
(Actually they're all my favourites.. I only buy ones I like, 
and I ALWAYS grab funky or kitsch retro ones when I see them at the op shops)

But, my point is, when they're gone, they're gone.. right?

SO threadbare.
This one was one we used when we were kids.. so it has actually lasted a long time.
Maybe I should buy some new cheap ones that I can use for all these 
mountains of dishes. so my favs don't all end up looking like this..
That funky heart one is so ripped it might be on its last duties tonight..
And if you look closely at the other one, you'll see a gaping hole from
when it got  burnt on the element..

Somebody took the time to blanket stitch around the edge of this one.
that's a big effort for  a tea towel, I would have thought.

Or I could hang them on the wall like this one..
I got it at a garage sale for 50c -
Already mounted in its frame, and faded over time..

Or this one that was a gift for people who hosted members of the orchestra on the 1988 tour..
A great example of 'Kiwinalia'.

Or I could make things out of them, like
How cute is that?

Or one of these toy bags from RECYCLED SEWING

This 'collection' makes me happy.
I can do the 50s housewife dish-washing thing
with one of my vintage tea towels

and maybe we won't bother
with fixing the dishwasher...


Vintage Vixen said...

I do love a vintage tea towel! we haven't got a dishwasher so ours are always in use. I've even recovered our kitchen chairs with some. xxx

Allana said...

Love your vintage tea towels! They have got to make the experience more happy!
Thanks for linking me up - I am honoured :)