14 May 2011

Five Friday Faves

Well I think I'll change the name of this post to something else as Friday is often Saturday and maybe Sunday. (it's Sunday morning here.. but it might say Saturday at the top..)

Today my faves are mainly things from around my house.. just for a change.. I have a lot of faves  (doesn't everyone?) in my house, mostly thanks to OP SHOPS and Garage Sales over the years. And I remember where I got each thing too!

These are actually the lids off cake tins.
They have little labels on that say  'May Butcher'   which I have kept on..

Love this clock.

Letters. Bills. Misc.
LOVE this. 

Marimekko at its best!
Large fabric panel that I bought
(already  on the frame - saved me a job!)
 for 50c  a few years ago!


Nick said...

Love all of your faves. Great idea to put the tin lids on the wall. I never thought of that! Love the Marimeko. Golly, a metre at our antique shop is about a $100!

zigsma said...

Love the cake tin lids on the wall. And the letter holder. And, and, and...