26 May 2011

MESSES (Not for the faint-hearted!)

I don't know if it's the weather or what.. but we are in more of a state around here than usual...
And my nerves are a bit frayed after one mess too many the last couple of weeks!

All the incidents were caused by a child under 2, bless her heart!!

Private sprinkles party on the floor.

Applying sunscreen (yes it is Autumn/Winter)

This is the first of our 2 floods. As you can see, I was in the middle of a big sort out, and
there were wool blankets, pillows and duvets piled up there..
And the water came out of the bathroom and headed into all the rooms,
under the linen cupboard (that's it on the left) and caused A LOT of damage.

We just got it all dried (yes it is raining here at the moment - and not great drying weather!)
when the next flood occured -  the dehumidifier got pushed over in a
bedroom and spilled all the water on the carpet.  (Actually that was a 4 year old)

And this is one revolting one for old time's sake...


Helga! said...

Enchanting child,mess and all!!!
Floods?SUCK.Poor old N is copping it left right and centre lately!

O,those matchboxes on your last post are heavenly!Why don't they make them like that anymore indeed!?

Judith said...

Sorry for all your messes but take comfort from the fact that it gave me a great laugh - except the flood bit. I think my favourite is the sprinkles - don't they just go everywhere. Hope you have a "tidy weekend".

Nelly said...

I found you via Hot Helgas blog and oh my what a mess poor you.Arent kids delightful.The one with the sunscren reminds me of my grandson (now 6) who when he was about 3? got the tomato sauce in his room squirted it everywhere made pics on the walls and painted himself and proudly came out to me and said Ta da I so wish I had taken a pic now lol but I wasnt a happy gran at the time.