30 May 2011


(Gratuitous sentimental journey post alert!!!)
I went to my Dad's place in the weekend, in Auckland. It was the bi-yearly inorganic (hard rubbish) collection weekend in his area. Bliss, joy!! Oh how I longed to join the other curb-crawlers and go rummaging around the streets!!

But I was there to help my siblings SORT OUT all the stuff that was cluttering up Dad's basement and loft. You see I come from brilliant Collector stock! My darling Mum, rest her soul, was a creative and bright and wonderful woman. Thrifty and sentimental.. she held on to a lot of stuff...
Need a zip, anyone?
Now I have to add that she was not a hoarder, and she always managed to find a way to keep the house tidy and organised. HOW????  I would love to ask her, if only I could..

She was obsessed with storage solutions, as am I.. but I often find my stuff gets the better of my house!!
I love looking at all the stuff she accumulated, and remembering all her stories and anecdotes about things she gathered, places she'd been...
The doll collection that I  was not often allowed to touch when I was a kid!

Needless to say, Mum always had the things we needed for any projects we wanted to undertake..

Box of (mainly) buckles!

Some of my fav things at Dad's place......

One of the besquillion things that Mum's fair hands created.. 

My doll house.

2 of my all-time fav books from childhood - I have found the color one at a garage sale
- but am still hunting for Zeralda's Ogre!

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Helga! said...

O,my,you didn't stand a chance did you?!
I love how Auckland has that inorganic rubbish collection,I've just never been able to have a good rummage when I've been in town!Wish we had one!