22 June 2011

Weekly COLLEcTION SelectIOn - my challenge! #9 TV TRAYS

(dedicated to Florence @ Sunshine of My Loves)

These are used on Friday nights for
(DVD and some kind of non-standard dinner!
 ie without a focus on veges!)

Despite how beaten up this one is, it's my fav!

We have 7.. but a couple more would be 
perfect.. just for extra friends and cousins who 
sometimes join our Friday frenzy!!


duchess_declutter said...

Love the trays and the fact that it's a treat to be kept for Friday night. Obviously you eat at the table most other nights which is so nice to hear. I read recently that there a large proportion of kids growing up now how don't even know how to hold cutlery because most food is takeaway or ready prepared. yuk yuk yuk

Misfits Vintage said...

I LOVELOVELOVE these trays - they are so fabulous! And I adore that gorgeous blue rose cushion too.

Sarah xxx

Judith said...

My mother-in-law kept a couple of those in her kitchen so when we came over for tea we could eat in the lounge room and watch the news.

Mum said...

What a great idea. Love the trays, with the roses one being the definite favourite.
Love from Mum

Flo and Olive Vintage said...

They are fabulous!! I am very envious and plan to look out for similar beauties... even though I don't have a TV! I am sure they are useful for non-television related activities also. Friday night at your place looks like fun...

Helga! said...

Darling,I inhaled sharply with jealousy as soon as I laid eyes on these beauties!!!
I am willing to come up for a Friday night at yours,as long as I get to have first dibs on my tray!!!

Leah said...

They are all lovely, I will be on the lookout for one of my own now!

Krista said...

How fun are these!!!!! I must keep my eye out, this would making eating more fun :)

lasophia said...

Aww those are so cool! I used to have a metal one when I was little but I cant even remember now what was on it. Should have saved it, prob was something beautiful and amazing!


HammBone said...

Those tv trays...to die for! Love them all. Thanks for coming by blog and following! Following you back to see what wonderful goodies you've picked up!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is a real trip down memory lane for me as my grandparents had those trays...we would always eat our dinner on them in front of the telly.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Okay now I see that you do use them & where you put them! Thanks for the tea tray inspiration! Xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Just came over from Vintage Bird Girl. Good Grief, I am having major tray envy. I have a few trays (well 6) but godammit, yours are so much nicer! Your favourite is my favourite too! xx