17 June 2011

Five Friday Faves

1.. This Crown Lynn postcard.

2. PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIO show.. How much do I love Louis Spence and this hilarious show?!! And  I LOVED my off-the-shoulder aqua Pineapple sweat top thing in the 80s.
How I longed to be a dancer!!

3. . Being a Mummy to these 2 cheeky faces..
MOST of the time!!
More messes here!

4. . This funky idea..  doily bunting!
Listed on etsy and found via Pinterest.

5. . This cute room by UK artist Jane Foster found here.
So vibrant.
I'm  always thinking about houses and rooms and making all my stuff 'work'!!

Hope you're all digging your weekend!!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ha, your little girl looks so pleased with herself! Love the beehive on that lady painting plates.

I have so much to do on my house and am paralysed with indecision...

Judith said...

Love the doiley bunting. We have quite a few little girls who come through work with the doilies sewn onto their t-shirts.

Vix said...

Love that doilley bunting and your little 'uns are so adorable. x

Helga! said...

DOILY BUNTING!!!! Why have I never thought of this beofre! I have a small collection of doilies,but stopped buying more as I had no idea what to do with them!!Thanks,darl,I'm inspired!
I adore that Crown Lynn postcard.Sigh.Such fab hair!

Krista said...

I love the picture of your kids, what fun you let them have....Good Mommy!!!!! They are adorable!!!!!

Kate said...

Love that pic of your two little angels in the flour. That's what the best childhood memeories are made of. Hope the clean up wasn't too stressful.

duchess_declutter said...

Crown Lynn - that lady could be working on my Roydon Aztec plates - it looks like she's doing a pattern!
Are you familiar with this one? Is there much Crown Lynn still floating around NZ? cheers Wendy