15 June 2011

Weekly COLLEcTION SelectIOn - my challenge! #8WOOLEN BLANKETS


For those who missed it.. I made a challenge to myself at the start of this  blog..

My house is full and I mean FULL with STUFF!

wallpaper collection 

It's stuff that I love, and it makes me happy. ANd I've been collecting like a little magpie since I was young.. 
Some are purposefully coveted, then hunted and gathered.. but other things have just formed their own collections, bit by bit, in my house! HA! How did that happen?!!

One of my first collections - as a teenager - chiffon scarves!! (I know - wierd huh?)
 But SO many uses!!
'More about that another day maybe!

{But my point is.. that I'm challenging myself to rationalise it all a bit.. get it all together, work out if it's stuff I still want, work out if I'm displaying or using it right.. etc.. And see how much stuff I've got! And I thought that I could probably find enough collections for a weekly post each week for a year!

And have a bit of fun with all my stuff! And get rid of the other crap that I maybe DON'T love..

One day I'd LOVE to work out how to do a linky thing so I can see other people's collections.. That would be cool..
Has anyone done one yet, do y'all know?}

are a bit of a recent passion of mine.

I adore this softy made by SPROUT designers here in Hamilton..
I take a photo of Iris with it every 6 months or so..
His name is TOM.

Some of them are stacked in a corner of the sewing room at the moment..
Waiting for me to do stuff with them..
I've done cushions and sppliqued pockets and stuff..

I only like to cut into the ones that are frayed or stained.

But I will one day do some patchwork squared blankets I think..


Nelly said...

Hello fellow crazy collector I have only recently started the wool blanket collecting and have 4 now I have put some back that had holes but after having some ideas and googling I shall also be buying them if they are cheap enuff,I love your chiffon scarves I have a few in my scarf collection and my mum had quite a few back in the day.Least they are easy to store.I am also in need if some organising I wish I had more shelves and storage.Oh and a new collection was started today post coming soon.

Judith said...

OH MY GOODNESS - I can't believe you have so many blankets. I look forward to seeing what else you collect.

Vix said...

What gorgeous children, I'm surprised you can find them with all those lovely blankets!
How about some Clint Eastwood style ponchos for all the family? I've been toying with the idea of making a couple for our camping/festival trips. xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Aah I remember well the days of chiffon scarves in the hair...baby looks to be enjoying them!

Love the blankets x

retrodame said...

I can definitely relate to loving stuff but having a bit too much of it! Apron Thrift Girl has started Collect Share, where bloggers can add links to their collections. Here's the most recent post:


Max said...

Ah, a great collection, and kiwiana too! Those blankets are fab, you have some beauties there. I have a few myself and I always keep my eyes peeled for really beautiful ones. I've seen some kids coats made from them on etsy, and some fab soft toys like your wee sprouts (cute nickname!) one.
I don't have a clue about the linky thing, but its a great idea!

Krista said...

I love the pink and blue blanket. My favorite blanket is pink and orange and made of alpaca wool, I bought it from a sweet lady in Peru who made it with her own darling hands. It reminds me of that wonderful trip and her beautiful smile I can still see.

I have a grandma who is dying of cancer right now and she is a hoarder of all kinds of stuff. Moving her will be easy, dealing with all her stuff will take months. She has 4 storage units full of clothes in addition to a house full of stuff. It is frightening and eye opening at the same time. I try to buy what I can use and not just things I want. It's difficult but I do not want to end up like her.

Purge every so often, it feels good.

Florence said...

I love blankets. Why? Obviously you do too! They are just so comfortable, funky, fun, and they have so many uses and so much potential to become something else. I admire your ability to just get more and more. There's pressure for me at home to apply some control over my impulsivity to acquire more and more of these gorgeous things.... I do have plans for them (one day. Sometime in the future. don't know when!!).
I love the cuddly, your daughter is very lucky, it's cool. xxx

duchess_declutter said...

They all look so lovely and cosy - and it does get cold there doesn't it?! I think that you need to hang onto them until you can work out what to do best with them. I can see lovely jackets made from them!

Mum said...

Hi, I'm tracking back on awards and came across your blog. It's great to find someone else who enjoys collecting. I now know that it is definitely a disease! I don't think I could write for a year about my collecting habit but here are a few of the things that keep multiplying in my home - wicker baskets, balls of wool, crochet hooks, knitting needles, books, jugs and vases - oh my goodness, perhaps I could keep the list going.

Love your blog,
Love from Mum