4 June 2011

Five Friday Faves (or maybe Saturday!)

So another Friday has (been) come around..

It is currently Saturday night and I have NO kids at home. 
I am meant to be doing sensible, useful things.
But I am missing my babies..

And this will be a quick post.

5 FAVS...

1. LOVE this lamp. ANd that old transistor there too, for that matter.
2. My dresser. 

3. In my dreams, my freezer would look like this! Food all  homemade, of course. 
I can't abide ready packaged meals.
Except the odd pizza base for when i can't be effed making one.

4. CARVED CRAYONS by DIEM CHAU, found via this blog.

5 AND I HAVE TO FINISH with one of my favourite photos of  that bloke of mine..
Coz it's his 45th today..
This photo is in 2006
But that jawline is just as dashing today!

Kooky photo of the photo with me in it!!



Helga! said...

That LAMP!!! OH! LOVE IT!!!

Max said...

Happy birthday to mr opshop mama!
Those crayons are absolutely amazing!!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

da'ling! i'm loving your life, or else the parts you are showing us. those crayons, my, my... i love crayons when they take on a fancy form (and then i don't want to use them up, because they loose their flair! arrgghgh)...
the lamp, of course, too, is GORGEOUS!!!
(have to smile when you say how you're missing your babies. us mama's! honestly.... )

Mamma Tamo said...

Thanks for your comment:) yes it is my patio:). Lovely blogg y have:)

lasophia said...

Shop mama! I have to thank you for following, your lovely comments, and putting me on the roll. I was out of town but now Im back! Is that really your dresser? lovely! Following you back now.