20 June 2011

OP SHOP BOOTY - recent finds

VERY cool old photo..

As usual, a couple of old floral sheets for patches,
chopping up, making stuff
or,, using as sheets!

Iris will fit these in a year or so.
A bit scuffed, just like a real Cowgirl's.

Can't pass wickerware by - have a few of these
little tables (foot stools?)
This is my first in this colour though. In love. 

Some ties for Op Shop Daddy.
Not that he wears ties very often.. but he rocks
them when he does!

Can't have too much fake fruit.
We do a really good game of 'Shops'.

LOVE this totally kitsch tray.
Sheep walking down a road? On your table?!
Hilarious. Very NZ.

Adore turquoisey type of duck-egg blue
colours at the moment.

Still thinking of that doily bunting idea..

FAVOURITE find. $1 for this wood veneer 
cassete storage thing. IN LOVE again!
This will have something is it,
at some stage.
Pens? Crafty things? Kids stuff?
Photos? Time will tell!

Can't go past kitsch fruit. Especially if it's $1.

More doilies. Going for the coloured ones.
Saves me dying them.

Not retro, but could be!
Wish they came in my size!

Happy Hunting!

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Vix said...

Why does all the coolest hippy stuff come in kiddie sizes? So unfair!
I love that fancy tie, I'd wear that myself. xxx

Max said...

oh those boots, fantastic! and I was wondering where I'd seen the doily bunting suggested, it must have been you. I'm going to have a go too x

zigsma said...

I love that you've left the price stickers on for us! Love seeing things for .50c and $1!!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

LOVE those boots. I'm jealous.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Cute boots! And I was stalking the doily bunting idea too - far better than having them on tables.

duchess_declutter said...

You certainly have the knack for some good finds! cheers Wendy

Vic said...

What a haul! Especially love those adorable boots - I wish they were mine!

Boho Queen said...

Ooober awesome finds! I'm very inspired by the doily bunting.....it's on my must do list. I love your cheese and cracker board....I collect them.... This one is so nz! From Hana-Jane mickley