24 April 2013

Treasure Hunting

As I expected, last weekend's garage sales/jumble sales were AWESOME.
Kath and I left home before 7am (I know)
and we had a couple of hours
of blissful treasure hunting.

I walked into one sale and I must have breathed out a happy sigh. A friend who was there heard and said 
"Is this your Happy Place?!" 
And I said 
"Yes. Why Yes it is!!!"

Laugh out Loud!

This will be part one as I got quite a lot. 

I FINALLY found a typewriter. I have been coveting one for YEARS.
This one is exactly like the one Mum had.

It was $1.
Thank you  Masonic Lodge.

(Iris is sporting a new dress-up dress, 50c)
Sweet smelling,
not filthy or smelly AT ALL
(coz sometimes these old things can be!)
sleeping bag.
and so funky.

I LOVED this little box.

Hot curling set inside, which I won't be needing..
But I LOVE the box.

This bag was 20c and I knew it would have something cool in it (as I flung it into my box of stuff)

Swizzel sticks from NZ airlines in a bygone era..
Kiwi/tiki on the end..

I LOVE them. And they won't take up much room in my cupboard! Bonus!

Also on a NZ theme! Leather bag, large. 

That is the type of stuff that you use to line cupboards and shelves, and Mum used to cover our school books in it!

I love the frames with the tassels.. I have a wee stash of these now.

 You can get so much bang for your buck at Jumble Sales.

Just saying. 

Happy Days.

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p.s. I've loved seeing all the collections on the new linky! Please feel free to join us! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing collection posts! 


Lucy Nation said...

Wow, another amazing haul. Love the colour of the typewriter and the cocktail stirrers are awesome. I love finding stuff like that It's funny how happy small pieces of plastic can make you isn't it! xx

Archer's Mum said...

sigh...love that sleeping bag :)

Mariela said...

You found some pretty, funky items. Love it. Love the stir sticks. We've wanted to get some for our bar but they are so expensive at the antique malls.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Fab finds there, especially the typewriter! :) x

BeckyKay said...

Those swizzle sticks are amazing!! And, I can never pass up a good box, no matter what's inside! :)

Eartha Kitsch said...

I love your finds! And yes, your happy spot. I can relate! I've never seen a curling set like that before. Love the case.

pastcaring said...

Yes indeed - a happy place! So much pleasure for so little money, makes you wonder why on earth anyone spends shed-loads of cash on high street or designer stuff. Bet they don't feel any happier than you did spending peanuts.
Love that funky sleeping bag and the plastic swizzlers and of course the typewriter. I wanted a typewriter SO MUCH when I was a kid!
Excellent work, Linda! xxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

OH!! I just found drawer liner stuff too. I was lucky because Mr. Coco liked the stuff too and he wanted it just as much as me. (That doesn't happen often!)

Your typewriter is a beauty as is Iris's evening wear. *heheh*
The curler set is so cute and the swizzle sticks are quite cool.

Lucys Lounge said...

i just found your blog and i love it. lucyx

Van said...

That typewriter is GORGEOUS! Love it and the cabinet liner, too!

chrissy said...

the leather bag is all kinds of awesome! i love it.

Mezz said...

u are really kicking it with your finds recently...i think my fav is the pretty box of hair curlers xx

jasmine t said...

oh! great scores! can't wait to see what you show us in the next post! i must say i am envious of your hot rollers! i am searching for some retro hot rollers, they work the best in my hair!
that typewriter is too much! wow! :)
*off to the op shops i skip*

Sue said...

Wel done with your super stash of good scores, looking forward to the next installment!! I think I have to start doing jumbles and school fairs, I shall be looking out for you too!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

you did find some great stuff. i love those swizzle sticks. i really really REALLY want to visit new zealand. someday. and that shelf paper is really beautiful.

gabrielle said...

love the swizzle sticks..just imagine how fabulous the TEAL or Air NZ hostess uniforms would have been when they served those with drinks...I imagine now they would be considered a dangerous weapon in flight