4 April 2013

Frock on a Friday - Balloon Inspired

A hot air balloon took off from the paddock (school) behind our fence this morning. 
I LOVE this time of year.
Kids so excited.

My Friday Frock is balloon inspired. 
Not that I am able to spend any time at all thinking about what I'm going to wear. I have to make sure 5 kids are changed and breakfasted. This aint a simple process.

I don't know why I'm looking so cross.
Dress: op shop of course
Cardy : fill a box for $1 at our school garage sale a couple of weeks ago. VERY acrylic.
Belt and boots: op shopped of course.
Hem falling down - most likely my own work.

Action shot. .
Shame about the hem!

Back home again. 

One day I'm going to fly away in one of those things. 

Loving the new picmonkey effects..

And in other news - IT RAINED HERE YESTERDAY!!
It was refreshing.
We are still officially in drought. 

Iris enjoyed taking her christmas present umbrella on its first outing.

Iris's frock - 50c at the girl guides' garage sale a few weeks back. She loves her cherry dress.

Happy Days!


Jess B said...

We saw that one! The only one today. We were going to gobble some breakfast and come down and see it inflating, but didn't in the end. Luckily it flew right over our house! I hope they landed alright, it was pretty windy this morning!

Penny-Rose said...

Oh my goodness Iris is just so cute with the brolly. The dress and boots are a fab combination. Hope you have a great weekend. :-)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Yay for a frock on Friday! You look gorgeous falling hem & all! Iris looks SO pretty in these photos. She is a stunner, & I adore those curls! Xx

bonsaimum said...

Don't the balloons look lovely floating high up and away? I must admit I would be so scared to fly in one,(hate heights). I LOVE your boots and Iris looks lovely in her cherry dress.I don't know how you stay sane getting 5 kids ready in the morning. :)

pastcaring said...

What is it with hems? Why do I never notice they are coming down until I am out and about, or the photos are done?
The frock is great anyway, who cares about a pesky hem! Arlo watching the balloon from his pram is so adorable, and the pics of Iris under her umbrella are beautiful.
Yes, I have fantasies about flying away from all this too... Not in a hot air balloon though, too scary. A plane ticket, please, first class, to somewhere warm - now you're talking! xxxx

Mum said...

You won't catch me in a hot air balloon! Iris's pics are beautiful.
Love from Mum

Vix said...

I'm the same with hems, I really need to carry a tin of pins at all times!
Iris looks so cute with her brolly! x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

It seems we're taking the rain in turns - we've had such a wet summer here, but can't complain because we had a drought for a decade. The pram!! Is it yours? Isn't it a darling? It certainly looks like your wee chappy perched on it :). Honey, five kids to get ready seven days a week with never a day off. Young 'uns don't know the meaning of a weekend lie-in, you just have to grab precious moments with a cuppa when you can ... but you already know that! You are more than forgiven for a loose hem on such a lovely frock my sweet friend. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Sharon said...

Very cool! Love the cherries. Adore the boots.

saving for travel said...

You girls both look beautiful!

I wouldn't say you look cross, more a pose with attitude.

Sft x

jasmine t said...

Wow, cool hot air ballooooons! and everyone has said it already - but iris - how adorabubble are you!!
and yes great dress!! i need to be brave and post some 'what-i-wore-today' pics! fun times :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Love the falling down hem - they are my specialty! Iris is more gorgeous every day and yay for hot air balloons and rainy day umbrella romping!

Sarah xxx

Melanie said...

That's the cutest cherry dress, but I also love your vivid blue with those wild boots. Great choice, despite your mind being on five rascals all at once.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I just love hot air balloons, they're such a lazy summer day thing over here. The dress is gorgeous, love the stripes!