20 April 2013

I'm Gonna Steal your Grandma's Style

I went to a 40th party last night. 
I wore one of the Nana dresses from the dump shop the other week..
Tres comfy. Tres affordable. (LOL)

On my way I dropped in to the local 4-Square for supplies. (a small supermarket)
I love the old wallpaper that was revealed when they took some shelves away.
 Imagine when the whole wall was like that!. 

I am an Old Wallpaper enthusiast, as you may know! 
That would have been shopping in style, with a whole wall like that!
That supermarket has been there since I was a kid, but I can't remember seeing the wallpaper...

I got quite a few comments saying y'all love seeing my scores (thanks) so that's all the encouragement I need! 
I love seeing what everyone else buys too... LOVE it.

These few things are from last week at the oppies..

#New plastic fantastic bling.

#Knitting needle basket. Also good for storage of other things..

#Another cute little donkey planter. I might be getting quite a collection of these..

The Garage Sales yesterday were awesome.
When I get a chance to photograph my scores I will.

Happy Days!

(Still waiting for a moment to get to your blogs/commenting.. All this garage saleing/partying - time consuming!. Oh, and parenting/ cooking/ tidying up blah blah of course!!!) 
 Linking up @ my usual haunt - Thriftasaurus (Sir-Thrift-a-Lot) with all the other world-wide treasure hunters!


Penny-Rose said...

I love your dress - I smiled when I read it was from the dump shop :-) I love red white and blue and stripes. It looks a bit like an Osti to me, my favourites. I have developed a "thing" from those woven baskets like your knitting needle basket - problem is that most op shops around here have big "display only" signs on them Grrr. How is your friend's daughter that had the accident? Is she recovering okay? I have been trying to get books off my 11yo but she keeps re-reading them.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You're looking so glamouricious here darling!!!! And yes, one of your haul fans is right over here! I remember making those baskets with the plastic tubing at school in the 70s. I lived in Wellsford. I always wonder about these vase-like containers - I have a few too and I thought they were for flowers but most of them are such odd shapes - so I'm going to take a tip from you and use them as planters for cacti and succulents in future. I'm so sorry I haven't replied to your email, I have been thinking about the wee lassie so much and Bella and I have been getting a few bits and bobs together for her. Party on!!! xoxoxo

Liz said...

Love the dress and your new found "treasures".
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

pastcaring said...

Hurray, you went to a party, no sick or unsettled kiddos to make you stay home, woo hoo! And don't you look glamorous - Granny chic-ed up to the nines, this is fucking awesome (to quote the song!)
Of course you should keep showing us your treasures, sounds like the garage sales were gooood. xxxx

Sue said...

Hey blue eyes you look very hot with your hair all swept up on top! Hope you had a good night out, well Im sure you would have. Those knitting holders are brilliant, I have one I use when I get round to knitting.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You look great in that outfit. I LOVE red, white & blue. It's such a classic combo. And I LOVE the donkey burro. I've got two....not quite a collection YET! I'm looking forward to seeing your latest scores. You ARE the garage sale Queen! Xx

Miriam said...

Oh I LOVE the beads - I have a little thing for strings of plastic beads and the red, white and blue combo - always a winner :o)

Vintage Coconut said...

You look stunning in that dress. And it's a freaking dump dress for goodness sake. =D *HEHEHE*
That old wall paper is SUPER FUNKY AWESOME!
I love your red and blue bling.

Jill said...

I've found my first Made in Japan planters in the last few weeks, they're so cute and the one you found is just as cute!!

Vix said...

You look bloody gorgeous, that is all! x

Camelia Crinoline said...

Add my voice to those who said they love seeing your op shopping/garage sale-ing scores. I'm always amazed by the sheer number of awesome things you find. You look fabulous in your frock and heels.

freckleface said...

You look great in that dress, what a score!

I love the little donkey planter, Sarah Misfit has a bit of a collection of them too with cacti in them. They look so cute.

I like the look of your supermarket! xxx

saving for travel said...

You look beautiful in your dress, it's so pretty!

Sft x

Anonymous said...

Good to see the red handbag in action! Looks to be a pretty versatile bag.

two squirrels said...

Nanna glamourous!!!! You look so pretty!!!!!!
Oh I love the wall-paper, I have a nice wee collection, but get to scared to use it.
love V

Mezz said...

awesome dress!! you look much too spunky for a nana style!!!! xx

Sharon said...

Love the dress. It looks lovely one you and the colours are great.