15 April 2013

Recent Acquisitions

I went op shopping today, and bumped into Sue, finally! In a small town like ours, it's strange it hasn't happened before now! 
(Sue, after saying that the Frankton Red Cross doesn't usually cough up, today it did! I spent $4.20 in there and got some cool stuff!! Lol) 

So here are some recent finds, incl today's stuff..

I went to a friend's party the other night, in one of new (to me) frocks, from the dump shop..
I love it.

More photos during this post - I find it really hard to adjust the order of photos - techno der-brain
More plastic-that-looks-like-glass.. Nice deep bowl.
This large basket/bag has already had an outing and was an Excellent nappy etc bag the other day
Florida tray, with indents for the glasses! Coolness.
Bunch of hankies from the Womens' Bowling Club jumble sale on Saturday.. 50c the lot

A book for my prima ballerina.
Bag from the Frankton Red Cross today..Nice and soft.
More party ware..Removeable dishes..
Also from the Frankton Red Cross.. I love old drawstring bags like this. 
It's full of little toys and bits and pieces for Iris's bribe bag (ahem Rewards Bag)
I got the whole stash for 50c... there's some good stuff in there..
REALLY bad photo of me, taken by my son! LOL. That was the only one..

I got me an OSTI!
I've been seeing you guys popping Osti tags a lot - and I've finally found one of my own! Boom. Also from the Bowling Jumble.
Probably 50c as I got a large bag full of stuff for a tenner..
SUCH a cute cot-sized duvet. Love it.

We're all buddies from high school days. I'm sure they'll not mind me posting this!

My most poignant find of the day.
I found this for 50c today.

It's a beautiful book, of a beautiful place...

Thoughts are with Boston and Boston-ites today obviously.
We have friends there (they actually were with us during the summer hols just gone)
What a shitty thing to happen, in anyone's lingo.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Op Shop Mama, loving the look of that Red Bag. A great shape. Looks like you and your mates had a great visit :) Heather

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Darn it I knew I shouldn't have been a kitchen bitch today :D Should have come in to play :D Great finds there luv.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Yes it's awful, my thoughts are with them :( x

Sue said...

SO EXCITING!!!!! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you across the street. I had a camera in my bag and thought how we should have got the gorgeous Iris to take our pic!! Next time.

pastcaring said...

That frock is such a pretty colour on you, Linda. How cool to see you with your old friends from school.
Great scores, look at all those sweet little hankies and the groovy Florida tray, and yay for finding your own Osti frock!
Yes, events in Boston are awful, so sad. xxxx

jasmine t said...

beautiful bag! i am a bag lady and am planning to show off my collection some time!
great dress, awesome scores!
heart goes out to boston.

nancyworegreenstockings said...

So many great finds but I can't believe you got that whole lot of hankies for a mere 50 cents! Bargain of the year!

Vix said...

Lovely to see you out and about with your mates! That dress is gorgeous. xxx

bonsaimum said...

More fantastic finds. You are like a magnet, all the good finds gravitate to you. :)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Pretty frock....I love the colour combo & the wrap action. That blue bowl is just like the ones I keep on finding too. I love using them to store my jewellery in. I love the red bag too, and YAY to finding an Osti! Red & white is always a winning combo! Xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Loving that frock on you and do love finding a bit of Osti now and then! xx

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Loving your finds lady! Especially the hankies and that amazing cot duvet cover. And that frock! You look stunning in it. xx

saving for travel said...

We will be thinking of all of them.

Super finds as always. You look great in your new dress.

Sft x

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the red bag. That dress looks great on you. I'm always hearing about Osti dresses too but I've yet to see one in an op shop.

Max said...

you look stunning in that beautiful dress. that said, are your friends giants or are you petite (like me)?! the ballet book is a great find too, i NEVER find them even though claud begs me to search for them every time we go to an oppy x