27 April 2013

Garage Sale Booty.. Part 2 in which I find 3 Thermii

Here's Part 2 of last weekend's Garage Sale loot...

I spent $20 at the sales last week.. on this lot and the one from last week.. 
If ever the op shops get too expensive (that's another post topic!) there should always be Garage Sales. 
More bang for your buck!

I love pots like this. I have a feeling this is s'posed to be a type of fruit, but is missing its lid..
But I LOVE it.
Perfect for spoons or sugar..

I usually like what I find that is "made in West Germany.."
I'd love to check out op shops in that part of the world.
(When we went there I searched and searched but needed some inside knowledge = fail)

Another blast from the past game. 

My siblings and I LOVED this game!

Two Crown Lynn jugs ($1 table @  Masonic Lodge sale)
I have already given these to a friend who is TOTALLY stoked and has filled them with autumn flowers from her garden.
I love it when things go to a good home!

More Crown Lynn.
John loves this one.
(they're his colours!)

THermii!!!I think I now have a collection of these.
Maybe 6.. I'll have to have a look..

Another unassuming jar from the Lions' Sale..(50c) I chucked it in my box of stuff to check when I got home..

The contents..
I LOVE this photo, because
1.  The spoons and forks are cool.

2. You can see Iris and me in the reflection = funny.

3. You can see Iris's hand - she was desperate to get her hands on the Princess spoon (yeh she loves princesses, and that's a 'real' one!) I love the look in her eye as she waits patiently for me to take the photo.. LOL

Another mirror. $2
These are really hard to photograph, unless they're hanging on a wall!

My other thermos.
ALL the kids had these when I was a kid at school, I'm sure! I really wanted one..

The kids looking at the rain.
Yes that's right, the drought finally broke, just in time for the school holidays!!

Jumble Sale action shots.

I've just got ultra-fast-fibre-optic internet connected up a couple of days ago.
It's fast, but it seems that my computer  (6 years old) can't keep up and frequently gets overwhelmed by a huge amount of data coming in so fast, and the connection drops out. Meh. Might have to get a new computer.. Managing to make a few comments on blogs, but sometimes via my little tiny-screen phone! 

I AM the biggest techno der-brain that walked, I think, which doesn't help much!
Quite proud of myself for getting that linky up and running the other day though.. 

Go me!

Happy Days!

Linking up to Sir-Thrift-a-Lot THriftasaurus and all the other world wide treasure hunters!


ButterandBuntings said...

Fabulous finds! Love the 2 floral milk jugs! And what great prices too!

pastcaring said...

Go you indeed! Love the thermoses/thermii. And I am strangely drawn to old cutlery. And nice jugs (insert your own joke here.) And mirrors. And that Jack Straws game takes me right back too!
Oh look at that rain, just in time for the hols! Never mind. Off to a jumble sale myself later, hope it's a good one. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

It's always lovely to pass on sweet finds to friends. That blue kiddy thermos is just delightful.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Jack Straws, loved that game! :) x

Mum said...

Great haul again. Where do you put everything? You did well with the Linky. I will do a collections post soon.
Love from Mum

Jill said...

A jumble sale is it a term used here in Canada, I sure would like to go to one though! Great finds!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

We're going to have to have a game of Jack Straws to compete for the techno der-brain trophy;). Whenever you find treasure, I'm blasted back to my childhood and today is no exception. The Crown Lynn pottery is beautiful and oh for a Thermos - what finds! I cannot believe that beautiful, perfect mirror was only two bucks! Thank you for sharing all the pics of the sale mid-rummage;). Yay for rain at last! The kids look pretty excited about it actually, however I'm sure it's not how you feel considering it's holiday time;) xoxo

Rhiannon said...

Oh my goodness, any chance you might let me know next time a great jumbling weekend comes up so I can come along!? Promise not to take nick anything you would want : p

Sue said...

Loved part two now hanging for part three!! I may give garage saling another crack after seeing your haul of goodies. I am brain dead when it comes to computers but lucky for me I have a nephew who is savvy!! He sets me up in KISS mode, as in, keep it simple (for) stupid (me)!!!

Mariela said...

Great haul! Are the rooster thingies coasters? I have a package of coasters from the 1950s I want to use but haven't hat the opportunity to.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wow! You got loads! I really like psychedelic kitchen ware!

Maria said...

Great finds...love seeing what you score! Just had to tell you that I used to love playing that jack straws game as a kid. Recently I discovered that game in the same box at a gift store and had to buy it for old times sake and to pass the love of the game on to Sophie. Imagine my horror, when I opened the box to find that all the tools were bright colours. I was gob-smacked and disappointed too, was so expecting it to be cream like the old set...and the picture on the lid, I might add.

Tania @ Out Back said...

I am in awe of your fantastic finds, well done!


kateken said...

Love the polka dot pitcher! I don't know that game...don't know if it was ever in Canada, doesn't look familiar. Kind of like pick up sticks is it?

Melissa said...

Jack Straws! My brothers and I loved that game too! Great finds. Hope your much needed rain lets up for a bit for your kiddos.