14 April 2013

Op Shop Booty

Do you like my new hat?

And my other one?
There was one other but it was for a head that is a lot smaller than mine.
Anyone out there got a small head?

I'm not a horsey person but I like this somehow.
Sheesh I'm a nutter.
Well it was only $1.

I went to the dump shop the other day - a Nana must have just been in and dropped off all her clothes - there was a little rack behind the counter with them all hanging up in a beautiful row.. They were $3 each and I am so STOKED!!
I will show them in outfit posts maybe soon..

So stoked.
Polyester at its best. 
What the hell are these?! I bought them for 50c anyway.
I think they might be drink holders for a mexican party.
I like them.
That's how I roll.

Very cute bouncy pop pop turtle for Arlo.
I played with this all afternoon yesterday. True story.

These are that hard plastic that looks like glass. Bloody brilliant. I'm getting quite a collection of this stuff. The kids think they're posh eating off it. And there are 5. Brillianter.

 And in other news.. we joined in the protest march on Sat morning.
I fear for the state of the education system in this country.
Arlo does NOT like what's going on at all.

Hope y'all had a great weekend.

I'll link up with my worldwide op-shopping counterparts as usual..

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jasmine t said...

the hats! the dresses!! the plates! love love love!! can't wait to see those dresses!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

That blue hat looks amazing on you....it really enhances your beautiful blue eyes. And oh my word those granny frocks are the best. My heart rate would have soared through the roof at the sight of those! And I'm with you on the plastic plates...I seem to have quite the collection of those in bowls. Xx

Jess B said...

I saw that blue hat last week! It looks awesome on you!

Vix said...

Those hats are gorgeous, love that lippie you're wearing too! Why are vintage hats always so small? I've got a mahoosive head.
Can't wait to see those frocks on you, the colours are fab. x

gabrielle said...

love when you walk into somewhere and realise there is someones wardrobe all in one place. My small people love those souvenir teaspoons too...just have to avoid them going in the dishwaher

Liz Smith said...

Wow - you got some great finds! Love the hats and looking forward to seeing the dresses.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Astrid said...

Wow! You certainly found some cool things!! Those hat are fab and I love the "party here!" sign. I'm sure those are some Mexican cerveza cozies!
Can't wait for the frock fashion show!

pastcaring said...

Tell me about tiny vintage hats and huge modern day heads - it's very disappointing! The folds on that blue hat are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you rocking the frockage, and loving those hard plastic dishes. You find such cool stuff! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely hats. What qualifies as a small head?
You really have the most incredible luck with your shopping. All those frocks for three a piece you lucky thing. Please do a style post I'd love to see them.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat? Is the song that has be going round in my head since yesterday when I had a quick look! I worked the best part of my adult life in the education system and never really understood peoples need to homeschool. I now think I know why, the powers that be like to just f*ck everything up don't they! And as for that Education minister, what an arrogant biartch she it. This government needs to go and soon!

Kimberley Atkinson said...

I am with you on the education system. It is my life as I am a school librarian. Love teachers. Loathe national standards. I'm with the Donkey must go faction. And that woman too.

Misfits Vintage said...

YAAAAY! LOVE the GORGEOUS blue hat (I have a jumbo head too, obvs because of my enormous brains) and good for you for marching. Arlo is VERY thoughtful.

Sarah xxx

Marty said...

Those hats are gorgeous! And your eyes are beautiful color! Very very pretty :)

Camelia Crinoline said...

Those hats are fabulous. I have quite a small head which means I'm pretty lucky when it comes to vintage hats. I love your lipstick colour too. I love the plates. I can see why the kids think they are posh eating off them.

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

Pretty pretty hats! I have a HUGE head (!) so I can never find vintage hats that fit. SIGH. All your finds were great, and bravo to you for participating in the protest!

Vintage Coconut said...

oooOoo lovely hats!
Whatever those Mexican things they look cool. I like the plastic that looks like glass dishes too.