7 April 2013

Garage Sale Scores Part 3

Here is the 3rd and final installment of scores from the epic-est garage sale at our school a couple of weeks ago. 
Part 1 here and Part 2 here if you missed them!

Missing 8 and 2 but I said that if no-one wanted them I'd take them home. Which they didn't. And I did.

yay new clothes!

Close ups..
I knew this box would have something cool in it..

the kind of puzzles we had when we were kids. And I think they were old then!

Another item of dress-up clothing for the stash.. for the-girl-with-the-best-dress-up-collection- I've-seen.

Another bag of promise.. It looked like old doll stuff..

It was.
Old sindy/babrbie clothes, which was a aREAL nostalgia trip..

check out the cute little label 'Sindy'

I had some similar sindy catalogue pages like this that I literally drooled over when I was a kid. I looked at them and admired them till they were tattered like these ones. I'm sure these have been similarly well-loved and used! These say 1978 so similar age to the ones I had..

Creepy eyed dolls'house dolls.

That's it!

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Anonymous said...

Now that's just called showing off, flapping your frocks on the line for all to see. Nice score.

Mezz said...

great finds as always!i particularly love the brown dress!

A little bit Country said...

Loving your finds! I have some of my "old" Barbie and Sindy clothes. Your frocks look great too xo

Melanie said...

Your clothesline is a riot of pattern and colour! Yay! And those are truly creepy-eyed dolls. I'd say colour them in if I didn't enjoy that sort of thing so much.

Marty said...

So fun to see the things you got! That box of old puzzles is sooo cool!!

Liz said...

Those old jigsaw puzzles look amazing!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

pastcaring said...

Is there any better sight than a clothes line full of vintage washing? Look at all those gorgeous prints.
Love seeing what you unearth at the garage sales, you always do well. Those Sindy clothes and catalogue pages are so nostalgic. I remember doing the same, drooling over all the outfits available (though I didn't ever have that many for my poor underdressed Sindy) in the 1960s.
Thanks for the story about Edie Sedgwick, how fascinating! xxxxx

Vix said...

The line of washing looks wonderful, so colourful! x

gabrielle said...

oohh such good scores, love the clothes big and sindy sized. Was a little sad sorting Harriet's new room to put all the vintage dolls clothes, barbies, kellys and their tiny clothes in a box for the attic..the boys aren't interested and I'm guessing no. 3 boy wont be either...luckily Isabella has made me promise to keep such things so I don't have to part with them either

Anonymous said...

Great clothes and I had a lovley trip down memory lane with all those Barbie's stuff, I had a Barbie in the early 80's with the pink sheer dress, she was my favourite, she had pouty lips and if you pressed a button in her back she could kiss you.

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

My barbie had those exact green boots when I was a kid! Love all your finds...it's great to find one of those "epic" sales once in a while!

Mariela said...

Looks like another great haul! Those Barbie clothes are really cool. Too bad I was never really into Barbies.

L'Heure Bleue At Home said...

The dolls clothes are an amazing find. I love the retro patterns of your vintage dresses as well.

Peg Innam said...

My daughter who is 5 would love, love, love all these finds!!!! love everything :)

Anonymous said...

That Sherri Lee Dress looks in great condition. Loving the blue and orange combo. Our local toy library had a set of those stacking cups, minus the cool stickers, and my little one played with them for weeks.

Sarah said...

wowee you totally scored! what a great collection you got there, school fairs are awesome arnt they.

Sue said...

Yahoo for all this gorgeous weather!! I love washing and hanging out my op shop clothes on the line so I can admire my new finds. You did very well indeed with filling your line with all your lovelies!!

briansanunusualnameforagirl said...

I remember those plasticky boot, I wanted a Sindy doll so baaaaaadd. Great scores and Iris looks the best in the pumpkin getup!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow!! those dresses are stunning, what a find. I love the Barbie catalogue pages too x