19 April 2013


Do y'all get sick of seeing what I score at the op shops/garage sales?

there is always A LOT of it, as it's my weekly/daily(ish) past time. ie it's a massive part of my lifestyle..
We decorate and furnish the house
clothe ourselves
clothe our kids (mostly)
from this hobby..

Like I say, life is a fabulous treasure hunt, when you're into 'thrifting' like I am.
here are a few recent things..

kitsch highchair.

We love using 'old' luggage when we travel.. This was cheap and I rather like it.
Thank you Womens' Bowling Club garage sale last week.

50c and JUST like the one I had when I was a kid. Iris is a wee bit obsessed with it, and has spent the last 2 days telling me, regularly, what the o'clock is. Bless.

This was in a free bin. Thank you Gateway Oppie. 

Gateway is the one that has fill-a-bag-for $3.. There is some AWESOME stuff in there, if you're prepared to rummage.
I am.

I went dumpster diving for this.
True story.

And I dove (dived?) for these magnetic pipe things that attach to a metal wall, for water play..
Junk in the trunk.
Can't resist adding this.
We went to the laundromat to use the dryers yesterday. There has been quite a lot of rain (badly needed so not moaning) and the washing pile was getting high..
Iris loved watching the stuff whirl around and around and around.....
Cheap entertainment!!

Looking forward to some GREAT sounding sales in the morning.

I'm coming to YOU!!!!!

Happy Days.

(behind on commenting bloggy mates - I'm there soon!!)


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I never get sick of other people's opshop finds. Never! I love the coasters and Iris' star spangled shawl. I've just been charity shopping but didn't buy a thing. I discovered a fabulous rummagey, higgeldy piggeldy sort of place but prices were just too high for me. Boo! xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I never get sick of seeing your finds. I say op shopping is my hobby & passion, as well as my exercise. My heart rate is often raised by the sight of something fantastic. I would be quite happy op shopping every day! I love that umbrella the most. Groovy print & fringing. Xx

Archer's Mum said...

love seeing all your delicious oppy treasures. i am super curious to how you find room for it all! :)

Mariela said...

When I was growing up thrifting and garage sale-ing were a vital part of our lives. I only got new clothes once maybe twice a year. Everything else were hand-me-downs or thrifted. I didn't really mind because a lot of the clothes we got were like new.

I love seeing what other people buy. It gives you an insight to what they are like.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I never tire of seeing your finds. Get a wee bit jealous yes lol. But never tire. I often think I seriously need to come to NZ myself for trip. Absolutlely love the umbrella, like seriously love, love. You lucky thing. I too love my op shopping and treasure hunting I never tire of it, it's in my blood and what I've known my whole life really. Good luck with the sales and rummages this weekend. I'm off to a MEGA church garage sale at 6am. The whol church grounds is packed, the car park, other buildings and church itself all loaded with stuff. It you get there mid morning you have to park streets away. They do this particular sale twice a year so it's MEGA.

Peg Innam said...

Love, love everything you get, such great finds!!! you can never get sick of watching what others score at the thrift shop, especially when you love thrifting yourself :)

pastcaring said...

Keep on showing us what ya got, Linda! Love the garden parasol (err, could you just send it over to me please, ours has just broken, it blew down the garden along with the table in the recent gale-force winds...) Iris looks delighted with her shiny starry fabric, and with watching the walking going round! xxxx

jasmine t said...

i LOVE seeing all your scores! i think sharing our op shop scores is awesome!
that umbrella is ah-maaaaz-zing! i would've totally dove for it! and i too have a retro luggage fetish! whoo!

A little bit Country said...

Be still my heart! That umbrella is amazing. I would have knocked someone sideways for it! xo

Marty said...

So fun seeing what you get! I love so many things--the umbrella, the high chair, the magnetic pipes :) Your daughter is such a cutie!

two squirrels said...

You always find such great stuff and I love seeing it......
Yay that umbrella is fabulous and I am so pleased you saved it.
Looking forward to seeing the next lot of treasure.
love V
Happy hunting weekend.

bonsaimum said...

I am always interested in your finds. Don't stop showing them. :)

saving for travel said...

I love Iris' fairy cape! And it was free!

Sft x

Mezz said...

to answer your question.....NO! I don't get sick of seeing what you find in op shops...inspired yes, jealous sometimes...but no, never get over it!!

mezz x