20 June 2013

Story of a Dress - Frock on a Friday

I once had a dress..
It was one of my all time favourites..
Here I am in January 2010 wearing that dress...(singing at a friend's wedding) 

 And here I am in my best fisherwoman pose ...

Guess what happened to that dress? 
I don't know how and she doesn't know how.
ANyway, I was gutted. (SHALLOW, or what?!)
It was my go to, dressup or dress down frock. So comfy it must have surely been made with me in mind. 

ANd a couple of weeks ago
there she was like a beacon in the darkness
staring at me from my screen
via trademe..

(The first dress I've ever bought online.. and I wasn't actually looking for one!)
Blue background, not red.

WAY shorter (more like a top than a dress actually)

SLEEVES still attached.
(I foolishly removed the sleeves from the other one  many many years ago as I found them annoying!! I kept them .. I had intended to reattach them..)

(but remind me that bending over aint the best idea for photos, with my enormous endowments. Gah!!)

Happy Days!

I have a feeling Vintage Bird Girl fell in love with a skirt in similar delicious fabric..


Vix said...

That dress is gorgeous on you, thank goodness you found a replacement. The print does look extremely familiar! xxx

Jane George said...

you look ab fab darling! so glad you found another one and the puppies are glorious whatever pose you decide upon! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you found a replacement for your sweetie that went missing. It's not often you can find the same similar in vintage frocks a definite rarity. X

Brooke F said...

Huzzah! Replacement dress! The new dress is gorgeous with such a great pattern (don't you love it when there are lots of colours in the pattern to match with!) but what a shame about the old frock. XXX

BellaBean Vintage said...

Oh is is disappointing to lose a favorite. Yay for trademe! Replacement dress is gorgeous and the colour is lovely on you. I love your fisher woman pose made even better by your go to dress!

Melanie said...

This is a happy ever after story! It was meant to be. I laughed about your fisherwoman quip. Doncha' know I'm in the stall next to yours.

two squirrels said...

Oh Oh I have had a dress with the same pattern....many years ago. I am so happy another one came your way.....perfect. I love the photo of you with the guitar.
Have a gerat weekend sweet.
love v

Anonymous said...

Surely that is your double teapot pose?

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Hooray to a replacement frock, but how does one loose such a fab frock I ask??? Beats me! That print is so pretty, & yes very similar to my latest skirt. I love the length on you, & the sleeves are fab too. Xx

bonsaimum said...

What luck. :)

Sue said...

Well done on finding a replacement even tho you weren't looking!! Looks fabulous and by the way, love your boots!!!

Mezz said...

yay! love the new dress! u look awesome as usual xx