3 June 2013

Op Shop Shite

The rest of last week's haul..
Free bin. Small. Plastic. Liked it.

Oh well

Sleeping Bag. Very good condition.
Has domes at the bottom.

Cute handwriting on the label.

I'm not looking forward to the day when everyone who knows how to write like this  has passed on.. I don't think there's a huge focus on handwriting these days.  (computers can now do the job)

Assisi frock.
They were trying to sell this for $30.
I got it in their closing down sale.
I believe they were a casualty of the Op Shop-Tries-to-be-a Vintage-Store thing. I liked them though. And they did have some bargains sometimes. 

Another Assisi frock. They are twins.
same label, same size, belts missing.

skirt $1 at Assisi.

A genuinely cool puzzle toy. It is double sided with other colours on the back. The 2 sides twist around and there is one gap. Eventually, after much twisting and moving around you are sposed to get all the balls in the right frames. It's in the prez stash. But I pull it out every now and then and have a go. It's really great. 

Having just found Valerie Monk's blog
(She is Crown Lynn royalty if you didn't already know- author of the Crown Lynn book, and apparently another book on the way, hurrah!!
And she commented on my blog! So stoked! Apparently my Prince Wills mug is rare. Thanks Val!)
I had spied this mug on her blog and thought how I'd never seen that pukeko design before..
Then I found this at the oppie the very next day! $2

kitsch but I love them. Oil and Vinegar.

Trivet - not my usual aesthetic, but I was quite drawn to it.
. But it is actually very handy and I've been hunting one.

So that's it!

Wonder what this week will bring?!

Collection linky post coming up this week after a miss last week!

Happy Days!

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chrissy said...

there is no. such. thing. as too many pillowcases. ;) and that mug is fantastic. doesn't a great mug make all the difference when enjoying a brew or cuppa? another great haul.

Jane George said...

i love those oil and vinegar bottles so very much xxxxx

Vix said...

I love the dodo looking mug and those dresses are stunners! x

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I'm blown away by the idea of a 'free bin' in a charity shop! Love your vintage bedlinens.

Anonymous said...

That trivet is pretty cool. Nice change from a lot of the really girly ornate ones.

Max said...

another book, excellent news!
love the trivet, and that grey dress is pretty gorge too x

Brooke F said...

I feel a bit ripped off that none of my local op shops have free bins. You seem to find some great treasures in them.

Indigo Violet said...

What a lovely pukeko mug, it would look great in my pukeko collection. I have found some lovely Crown Lynn lately - curse you, Trade Me - pix coming soon! And that's a gorgeous trivet.

Rhiannon said...

The Pukeko mug is friggin' awesome. I've never seen one of them (hoping this will mean I find one tomorrow. haha)
And I'm feeling ripped off that we don't have free bins here, either. Used to love rummaging through those when we were in Nelson. Here they just have a huge skip out the back and throw out anything they don't think will sell. Makes me so sad.

Anonymous said...

You always come up with goods, all such wonderful finds.

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay! The pillow cases and the mug are my faves!

Sarah xxx

Allison said...

ahhh the best things are what we find tomorrow!....great treasures. id love to sleep in that sleeping bag! x

thimble said...

I have that puzzle thingo! It used to be my grandpa's and I would play with it all the time when I was little and so now I can solve it in like a minute haha. p.s. just discovered your blog and I really like it! you find such brilliant stuff!

summer pickles said...

yippee! I just opped the sheet to match this brown orange pillowcase. So excited, I am thinking of a summer dress... on the sewing pile ;) love your blog, just found you xx

summer pickles said...

yippee! I just opped the sheet to match this brown orange pillowcase. So excited, I am thinking of a summer dress... on the sewing pile ;) love your blog, just found you xx