26 June 2013

Being a Teapot

Apparently Google following thing (the 'join this site' thing on the right) is disappearing in a few days....
I have NO IDEA what this means.

I'm not sure how y'all 'follow' this blog..
but I do know that there are 200-300 views of  Op Shop Mama per day..

So if you are in that list over there and you want an alternative there's Blog lovin (also on the right) and other options too apparently!

And I would like to again say "Thank you" to all my readers.. 

And now the teapot thing....
Coz this would otherwise be a very boring post!!!

Here's my current favourite song. I think you should watch it because
a. It's funny
b. You'll get a good dose of kiwi accent
c. This crew are long-standing Hamilton/waikato funny guys, who have livened up many an event, since I was a teenager..
d. These guys are musical magicians.
e. I bet you've sung about the fact that you thought you were a teapot before too! What are you - nuts??

"Do you have friends?"

"Yeh, but they all thing they're crockery"


Happy Days


A little bit Country said...

Ha! Love it! I'm going to be humming this all day tomorrow! xo

Indigo Violet said...

I love the band and love the song.

Jody Pearl said...

Thankyou so much for sharing - am so stealing!