11 June 2013

Recently Gathered..

Quilt was a Taranaki score.. Flannelette- lined. So cosy. 

Freebin Friday..
Y'all know I'm not a fan of soft toys - but how could I resist these fellas in the freebin last Friday ..
(What the Magpie Saw does a regular Freebin Friday.. Coolness!)

Cute little 50 cent-er for Arlo.

OK I LOVE this saucer!!! I wish like mad the cup had been there.. 
Iris will receive this for her birthday next month, I know she will love it. She has ballerina aspirations!!

The stamp I'll hope to find again some day!!
Cute cow 50c.. made in Japan.
He was dusty when I found him.

So kitsch and quite ugly. Just the way I like it! About 20cm high in case you're wondering. 
Cute tank for Arlo.

2 frocks for me (yay) Just need to adjust hems slightly..  I'll put them on my huge sewing pile!

Another cool duvet/quilt/doona. This one is more boyish than the usual ones I find. Just what we need. Yuss. $4

Hanging in the sunshine today.. So 70s!

This is quite large. Fits perfectly on Iris's wall.. She says the girl's name is Rosie and the dog's name is Tap Tap Back!!!
LOL I love that girl.
My friend found these little i-walk shoes for Arlo.  When his wobbling gets a bit less wobbly he can wear these!

Oven mitt, obvs.

But wait, there's more
(that I'll put in another post soon).

Behind on comments as usual. (sorry)

Happy Days.

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Liz said...

So many great finds, but I love the little saucer - have never seen anything like that before!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Jill said...

You find such great things!! The oven mitt catches my eye, so different!

ButterandBuntings said...

Great finds. That saucer is beautiful!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You must have quite a linen situation going on at your place. I think visiting your house would be like visiting the op shop of my dreams! Groovy oven mit. I reckon Iris looks a bit like Rosie in that picture. And stop teasing me with that green floral fabric....you must show me the whole thing! Xx

Mariela said...

Very cool haul! I also found a vintage duvet cover. It has a very tropical theme so it's getting turned into a nice skirt for the summer. Hopefully anyways.

Brooke F said...

Great haul as usual! How do you do it woman! I'm with you on that ballerina saucer - amazing! Will keep my fingers, toes and eyes crossed you find a matching cup.

Laura said...

so much COOLNESS thanks for linking up and also pinning to the penny worthy board!

Max said...

i love the tank top, i've been keeping my eyes peeled for one for myself, i want a fair isle-y type one. and guess what, we found the plate version of your ballet saucer at the tip shop a couple of weeks ago!!!
its a bit faded, maybe from being through a dishwasher, but as you can imagine claud loves it (and refuses to eat off anything else!). yay for ballet pottery (imagine if there is a whole set, you know, teapot, milk jug the works!!!) x

Indigo Violet said...

Lots of lovely treasure there - especially Rosie and Tap Tap Back, and the frocks. I myself have a Mending Mountain Of Doom.

Camelia Crinoline said...

You always find such great things. I love the print on the quilt. The vest for Arlo is really sweet.

bonsaimum said...

I do like the saucer. :)

Penny-Rose said...

What treasures - the saucer is so cute, I have never seen ballerina cup and saucer set. I like the painting too, reminds me of some of the ones that Vix has. The handknitted vest with blue and red is my favourite, I wish it was in my size. Hope you and your family have a lovely weekend, xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Your header pic is just so cute, I love it.
Fabulous scores too!
The ballerina plate is so delightful perfect for Iris.
Tap Tap back?
Reminds me of myself. I drew a pic of three stick men when I was little. I named them Sticker, Jumpness & Cocoa.
Whenever I look through my baby book and see it I just have to chuckle.