22 June 2013

Reducing Reusing Recycling

The op shops here in Hamilton (and around the globe)continue to provide.
I cannot emphasise enough 
that they are a GREAT option for spending LESS on everyday things.


Glasses are at least $2.50 each at regular stores - and nowhere near as funky as these daisy glasses I found at the dump shop...

$1 each, but you can EASILY get plain glasses for 20c or 50c max at a number of shops here in Hamz.
CUTLERY can't be bought for 20c a piece anywhere else but the op shops!! And these ones are built to last!!  They have added a bit more coolness to our cutlery drawer.. and the handles are particularly pleasant to hold!
We all know there's no linen like 'vintage' linen..
Sheets are a lot more than $2 each at a retail store!
You can STILL find the highly collectable colour glaze range of Crown Lynn at the op shops - this pasta bowl is green .. and will be added to my piece-by-piece collection..

Ovenproof dish (Made in Sweden) was $3 from Vinnies.

Alfred Meakin and Crown Lynn. 50c

Added a few more things to the 'Tending Kitchen' (play/pretending kitchen)
Egg cups 20c each..  They are PERFECT for little hands.
All you see here was gathered from op shops/garage sales or handmade. The wooden food sets were gifts.

The kids have LOADS of books. Apart from gifts the have been given, I have sourced some truly magnificent books for the kids. SO many great ones at a fraction of a price of a brand new one.
This one is a bit of a nostalgia trip for me..
Those funny puppets in the pictures used to be strangely intriguing and a bit creepy to a young me.
This book was 50c this week.

I think I'll do a post solely dedicated to STorage from the op shops.
I am obsessed with storage!

These things I found this week :
* Great plastic weave basket with wooden lid $2
* Solid shadow box thingy $5
*Tin Bin $1

From a 20c basket at Red Cross 5-x Roads (I love that shop!!)
REALLY useful kitchen stuff.
That strawberry bowl is a Crown Lynn pattern I've never seen before.
And of course the op shops help you to fill your house up with stuff you love!
Like this cute Blue Jay $2, St Francis ..

I could go on of course!
I am most likely preaching to the choir - but I am passionate about advertising the fact that Op Shopping is a great way to get the stuff you need/want and also to reduce reuse and recycle, one bit of crazy kitsch tat coolness at a time!!

Happy Days!!


Zara said...

Those floral print glasses are very pretty. just started collecting these types of glasses here. Scored a set of 4 yesterday for less than $1. Much nicer than the glasses these days and better quality too. x

nancyworegreenstockings said...

I totally want to play with the Tending Kitchen! Everything is so bright and cheerful and cute.

Mum said...

Love the daisy glasses.
Love from Mum

Vintage Coconut said...

Omg you have so many cool dishes and such lovely finds.

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Amazing finds as always! Love that Swedish dish and all those lovely colourful egg cups...and the gorgeous little shelves! Hope you're having a great weekend! xx

Brooke F said...

Op shops rock! I bore everyone I speak too on the amazing things I discover at op shops but who cares because I have a house and wardrobe full of cool, one of a kind items that I love. By the way, that Strawberry Shortcake sheet has just given me a huge nostalgic flash back! Awesome!

jasmine t said...

awesome, awesome, awesome!!
I too think we have too much stuff n the world - that there is enough stuff to go around another time!
even in my burlesq-capades - i go to the dump and opshops for fabric (cut up old clothes for the fabric),bits n bobs to sew on costumes, even props!!
I made a shadow screen to dance behind using things found at the dump shop! win! :)
great finds - those glasses are pretty rad!! i too want to play in the 'tending kitchen' or make my own!!

Indigo Violet said...

You are so lucky - most op shops down south know what Crown Lynn is fetching on trade me, and price accordingly. I'm still kicking myself for giving away Mum's colour glaze!

two squirrels said...

Loving the daisy glasses.....they are just saying pop a cool summer drink in me and go sit under a tree.....oh thats right its snowing outside. In a few months time.
I want to play in the kiddies kitchen....what fun stuff.
I am with you sweet....we try op-shop for all things....only when we really really need to, do we go retail.
love V

Anonymous said...

hey Op Shop Mama, Looking forward to the op shop storage solutions post! Definately need that in our house...especially for the little one! Love the kids cookware.

Vix said...

Love those glasses! I never find decent sized drinking glasses here, they are always pathetic shot glasses, no good to man nor beast! x

pastcaring said...

Oh I cannot resist vintage glasses! So much great stuff, Linda, love the Alfred Meakin, the sheet, the Swedish bowl, the woven box/basket, the shadow box... It's ALL great stuff, and of course op/charity shopping is the way to go, never doubted it for a second!

thimble said...

I love all those vintage egg cups! such bright colours!!

BellaBean Vintage said...

Gorgeous daisy glasses! It's such a thrill to find such beautiful things for next to no money eh?!

bonsaimum said...

Again you find great things. I may have to swim over and raid your op-shops. I just love them.

Sharon said...

As usual I am totally enamoured with all of your finds. Where do you fit all this amazing goodness? Love, love, love.

Meeling said...

Love the glasses and the cutlery!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Crikey....so much thrifted goodness!!! You are most certainly preaching to the converted here! I love the Swedish dish, & of course the shadow box & bird ornament....goes without saying really! Xx

Laura said...

OMG you should do a ROUND up of thrifted storage I would love to see what EVERYONE else does too and we could all share...I'll help promote it :)