14 June 2013

Black and White

The lovely Tamera @ Menopausel Supermodel decided to have a Black and White dress up party.

It soon morphed into a poster party for the support of sufferers of chronic illnesses, like Tamera herself, and, who she calls the real 'heroes' - the support people of these sufferers. These illnesses are not black and white - they are often silent and unseen despite being very visible to the sufferer.

That's a cause I'd like to tautoko (support).
I often feel like I have a charmed life..
Healthy me, healthy family. (*she touches wood**)
I am so lucky.

So I put some black and white on today...

Check out Tamera's blog on Sunday to see who else joined in!
I discovered, unlike lots of you other glorious party-goers, that other than a white shirt and black  skirt I don't have  anything interesting in black and white!!

What I am wearing is op-shopped of course.
The necklace (shells) is from Fiji when my Dad lived there..
And that's what I think of chronic illnesses.
Boo hiss!

Much love to all of those afflicted, and their support people heroes.



Vintage Bird Girl said...

As someone who suffers from a chronic illness I want to say thank you for doing your thing in black & white! I haven't joined the party because I don't have anything to wear either. Xx

Anonymous said...

You precious thoughtful soul. Much love to you.

pastcaring said...

Just done my black and white outfit pics today. Love those figures on your t-shirt. Funny, I used to wear black all the time, and now I have very little in my wardrobe, and virtually no white at all!
You're a good egg to show your support, Linda. xxxx

Sue said...

Yay for joining in the black and white party!!!

Jane George said...

my post went out on saturday...your top is utterly gorgeous as is your sentiment! all my love have a fabulous week xxxxxx