17 June 2013

Collection Selection Link up - Mother Brooches (not mine!) + Giveaway

This Collection Selection features one of my favourite collections, but it's not mine!!!

The owner of this amazing brooch collection, Nicky, has since gone on to make cards and gift tags that feature the brooches.. such a cool idea!! This collection is too cool to NOT share!!

As well as for Mothers' Day (obviously!) they could also be given to new (and returning!) mothers on the birth of their babes,  and as birthday cards/gift tags for your Mum or mum-in-law..  
For me they evoke vintage memories of my precious Mum.
I've put this card on my wall..I love it.

Nicky sent me a set of these. (thanks Nicky!) She didn't ask me to plug them, but I love them so much I wanted to!

If you're in NZ or overseas and you're interested in getting your hands on some...
nicky@motherscout.com will get you there..

Here's her facebook page.

 Here's the sum total of my Mother Brooch collection so far (I'm working on it!!)
That's me wearing it on Mothers' Day this year.

I also thought that I'd share the love with y'all and give some of these brilliant MOTHERSCOUT tags and cards away!
Just add a linky below and you'll be in to win. 

I'll select randomly (ie from a hat!) from the many millions of entries! lol
I'll leave this linky up for a couple of weeks so you have time to do a post if you want..

(thank you to all those who have joined me in the linky to date..LOVE seeing those collections!!)


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I must say I own a lot of brooches but I don't have any mother ones. I do love the one you're wearing....so pretty. And what a wonderful way to use them on cards. Xx

Jane George said...

oh boy, love these!! got a post half done!! xx

Vix said...

I can see where you get your beautiful blue eyes from! What a lovely lady your dear mum looked. xxx

lasophia said...

Im a vintage brooch freak. I collect cat ones, like wild cats. Just got 3 from Ebay Im going to try and make into a belt. Thanks for welcoming me back! Hope you and your cubs are doing great.

Brooke F said...

Your Mother brooch is just the sweetest and now I am gonna have to hunt one down!

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet they are just lovely....what a clever lady.
Your 'mother' brooch is so sweet.....and look at your wee man...growing so much.
sending happiness love Vanessa

Penny-Rose said...

What a great collection and how clever to make cards. I love your Mother brooch and the dress you are wearing and look how big your baby is getting!! So cute :-)

nz green buttons said...

I love your brooch! Those cards are amazing! Finally linking up too :)

bonsaimum said...

Just love your brooch. :)

pastcaring said...

Ahh, look at Arlo! Your Mother brooch is very pretty.
MUST take a pic of my mini pomander collection to link up - keep forgetting, cos I am dim... xxxx

Sue said...

If I ever find a mother brooch whilst out and about I shall get it for you!!