27 March 2013


Stuff that's been going on round here lately..

:: I've been doing trying to do housework. Sheesh I hate it. I'd rather be op shopping. Well I do that too. Often. 
It's my happy place lol. 

:: We had a belated 8th party for my Joe. Angry Birds Party. Sidenote: Easter time is a GREAT time to do an ANgry Birds party - for obvious reasons. (chocolate eggs)

Cake I did the night before, in true Linda -style.

Joe and his mates came bounding through the gate as soon as the bell went. Bless them. They were so excited.

Games and food. Incl Poison Lolly (renamed Rotten Egg for this party) the best party game ever.
Pop the pigs (with darts)
Kick the pig pinata (made by Joe and me) until it bursts. 

::Trying to work out what the hell this bloglovin-thing changeover is all about. Somebody please enlighten me.

:: Feeding my kids these, because they got sent to us free to try.. They are not an 'everyday food' but compared to other similar products they are pretty good health-wise. The company (Mother Earth) are excellent at making ethical choices - which is something that I do like to consider when buying food... The bars are a hit with the kids, of course. They are small and yummy, and quite useful to fling in the handbag for emergency snacks.
Check out my newly op shopped picnic set. The kids are LOVING this one.

::Trying to find time to take some photos of my latest scores./ They are GOOD..

:: Loving how kitsch  easter stuff can be. Like this:
(next 5 pix via google images)

Stay tuned for the Scary Easter BUnny photo series.

:: And a few weekends ago Iris went to her cousins' Castle party in Auckland.

Here are the birthday twins Princess Olive and Prince Ted of Point Chevalier and their big brother Sir Archie.

Princess Iris of Hamilton ready to go. (with op-shopped bling, bag, flowers and gifted handmade crown. Dress was in a seconds rack at Cotton On because the tulle was a teeny bit jagged - $5 ) That's at my Dad's place in Aucks. 

That is the chair that my great uncle bought for my Mum when she was born in 1938.

Well that was a crazy, all over the place post sorry folks..

I'll try get another one together soon-ish!

Happy Days.
Go and eat chocolate.


Rae - Say It Aint So said...

oh that meat easter basket! how gross/awesome!!
and it looks like such a good party for your little dude. that cake turned out great!

Sue said...

Miss Clever Pants Cake maker of the year award has to go to YOU!!!! I love Angry Birds, I play it on my tablet alot more than I do housework!! Housework is soooooo over rated so I pass it by for another day and that day just keeps forgetting to turn up!!

jasmine t said...

WHAT A CAKE! wooo!
love the cover of the 'jest' mag, do you own it?
we are gearing up for our easter garden party on saturday! posting some of our opshopped goodies soon!

I Love To Op Shop said...

This has made me smile, my little man turns four next month and he has requested an Angry Birds party too. I am busy collecting boxes and have bought some green balls for them to hurl at the box built wall. I think giving darts to four year olds may be a bit questionable though, he'd love it but I'd like as many kids to leave the party as arrived!
I love the cake, I'm needing inspiration!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Aw, Iris looks so sweet in her finery. I have no idea what Poison Lolly is but it sounds awesome. The cake looks fab.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

when are they going to make Princess outfits for adults? How cute! I love all the Easter kitsch, I want to try that ham! xx

stephanie said...

Love that old highchair being used for Arlo! We have a bassinet that has so far gone through my sisters and cousins, and is working it's way through me and my sisters' babies and others' babies. I had a chance at a great old 70/80s style highchair the other day, but just could not justify it when I have a perfectly good one and no more babies. They are just so good at keeping the wiggly kids in those slide in wooden highchairs!